You Have a Voice and It Means Something

In & Of Itself

Last week I was in New York City and had the opportunity to attend In & Of Itself, a one-man show that deals with issues of identity. As you enter the theatre, you have to choose a card to define yourself (as shown above); the show then explores how we see ourselves, how others see us, and how we convey to the world (or not) who we are or what we do. I noticed my reluctance to choose any identity related to writing and publishing—or any label related to my work. (!)

In the latest Glimmer Train bulletin, Jon Chopan discusses how one of his greatest struggles as a writer and human being is to find purpose in what he does, and to help students find purpose. He writes:

Despite the notion that we are voiceless, it seems to me that the challenge of a good creative writing instructor is to teach students that they do indeed have a voice and that their voice, that all our voices in concert, have meaning. … We should be struggling with our students as writers, and students of writing, to leave behind something worth protecting, worth defending, something that contributes to the growth of this culture.

Read his full essay at Glimmer Train.

Also this month at Glimmer Train:

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