Join Me to Discuss the Rise of the Writer-Entrepreneur

Teachable Summit

Next week, I’m participating in the Book to Course Virtual Summit, a free event hosted by Teachable.

The summit gathers 25 world-class entrepreneurs, New York Times bestselling authors, CEOs and influencers to give you behind-the-scenes access and insight into how they run their business and how you can build your own with an online course.

The summit is 100% online, with eight straight days of live online training workshops and panels—once you register for free, you get access to all of them. Here’s the rundown on some of the featured workshops:

  • May 11: How to Create Your Own Profitable Online Course as a Writer, Author or Blogger featuring Ankur Nagpal
  • May 11: How to Crack the Bestseller List as a First-Time Author with Neil Pasricha
  • May 12: How to Transform Your Book into an Online Course with Mariah Coz
  • May 13: Hack Your Social Marketing: Double Your Traffic & Your Free Time with Laura Roeder of Edgar
  • May 14: How to Go From Zero to Self-Published Book in 90 Days with Regina Anaejionu
  • May 15: The Five Most Powerful Ways to Monetize Your Book with Tucker Max
  • May 16: How to Partner with Influencers to Promote Your Online Course with Navid Moazzez
  • May 16: How to Self-Publish & Launch Your Book with Pat Flynn & Nathan Barry
  • May 17: The Rise of the Writer-Entrepreneur, my panel discussion with James Altucher, Mark Dawson and Andrew Warner, with opportunity for Q&A.

These authors, writers and entrepreneurs are going to pull back the curtains on how they’re growing their writing businesses. 

After you sign up, you’ll receive a couple of gifts from Teachable—they’re sponsoring the entire event—as well as a workbook to take to your first session. Hope to see you there! Click here to register.

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