Turn Your WordPress Blog Into a Book


I’ve written about this tool before, but so few people know about it—and it’s so incredibly useful!—that it’s worth mentioning again.

Anthologize is a free plug-in for WordPress-based sites and blogs that allows you to manipulate and edit your site content into a book. (Unfortunately, this plugin will only work with self-hosted WordPress sites, not WordPress.com sites.)

Anthologize has drag-and-drop organization, and it exports your content in formats ready for print or digital distribution. Here’s a screenshot showing how easy the interface is.

Anthologize in action


It’s also possible to edit your posts within the Anthologize interface (inside WordPress). Posts that you might edit here, as part of a specific book project, do not modify your live, original post on your site. Cool, huh? There’s also an append function that allows you to mash posts into one another.

Other functionality includes:

  • Importing content from an RSS feed or external source (use responsibly!)
  • File exporting options of EPUB, PDF, TEI, and RTF
  • Image export if they’re included in your original posts
Anthologize is active on Twitter (@Anthologize), plus visit the user forums here. It’s an insanely valuable tool, and if you have a TON of content on your site or blog, it can help you transform it into a completely new and wonderful project.


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