What Makes You Anxious & Fearful About Tech?

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Today I’m looking for your insight on a phenomenon I see a lot with people over a certain age: fearfulness and anxiety around tech.

Those of you who’ve followed my posts for a while know how much I promote the use of new media in a writing career. I think it can make it more powerful, enjoyable, and sustainable.

But when I travel to conferences, or speak conversationally with friends (about their older parents), it’s clear that there’s a significant cross-section of the population who just aren’t comfortable with tech. (And then there’s another section of people who are kinda comfortable, but don’t want to push the boundaries.)

I don’t quite understand it—where does this fearfulness or tentativeness come from? Why is there anxiety about “breaking” the computer? Where does the resistance originate?

Since I don’t really know, I’d love to collect your thoughts. What do you think?

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