3-Hour Book Publishing Class With Me & Agent David Fugate

World Domination Summit

This summer, I’m proud to be speaking at one of the academies at the World Domination Summit in Portland, Oregon. My academy is a 3-hour session on how to get your book published, in partnership with literary agent David Fugate.

Attendees of the World Domination Summit can register for $29, but non-attendees can also join us for $59. Click here to get your ticket.

Here’s a full description of what we’ll cover.

  • Introduction: It’s Not a Question of If. It’s no longer a question of if your book will be published, but how. There are an incredible range of opportunities for writers today; we’ll help you decide which way to go based on what you want to achieve.
  • High-Level Overview of the Current Publishing Landscape. Learn about the key paths to publication in today’s ever-evolving industry, and the strengths and weaknesses of each, including (1) “big 5” style traditional publishing requiring an agent, (2) self-publishing, either entirely DIY and/or with service providers, and (3) smaller independent presses that don’t require agents, which tend to vary dramatically.
  • The Traditional Publishing Path. Learn how to research the market, prepare professional submissions materials, and approach editors and agents with your work. For nonfiction: Understand how to come up with a great concept and write a proposal—plus what is required from a platform standpoint. For fiction: Understand how to get your manuscript in the best shape possible, then write a query and synopsis. Attendees will: Learn the most common reasons that projects get rejected; avoid the pitfalls that plague first-time authors trying to get their work accepted; understand how to assemble professional submission materials; receive a list of helpful resources for researching and understanding the market.
  • How to Be Your Own Publisher. Understand the value of self-publishing, what types of projects it’s well-suited for, and how you can produce a top-quality book that’s indistinguishable from Big Five titles. Get a thorough understanding of the services, distributors, and resources available.
  • No Matter How You Publish: Best Practices for Launching, Marketing, and Promoting Your Book. Learn how to successfully market your own book, whether or not you have the support of a publisher. Get case studies on authors who’ve done it well, the steps they followed, and how you can build a plan that’s customized for your work and target audience.

Click here to register.

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