The Value of Agent-Assisted Self-Publishing

Writer's Digest October 2014

Last year, I wrote a feature article for Writer’s Digest magazine that explored the intersection of literary agents and self-publishing. I researched how literary agents are helping their established clients who self-publish, as well as when or how they offer services to new authors whose work doesn’t find a traditional publisher. I also addressed how authors benefit (or not) by having an agent help them.

Before self-publishing with an agent’s assistance, ask the following questions:

  • Who covers the costs associated with self-publishing? In most cases, the author covers the cost, but sometimes the agent will cover expenses and deduct them from the author’s earnings.
  • Who controls rights to the self-published work? (It should be the author.)
  • How long must you commit to giving the agent 15 percent of sales on the work? (It shouldn’t be indefinitely.)
  • How/when can the agreement be terminated?

To learn more about assisted self-publishing with agents, as well as a list of agencies that offer such services, read my full article, now available for free at Writer’s Digest.]

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