Dario Ciriello

5 On: Dario Ciriello

Author Dario Ciriello talks about breaking writing rules, what publishing other writers taught him about the business, and how little he as a writer cares about what other writers think.
starting line

Your Novel’s First Scene: How to Start Right

Every reader starts a story cold, and you want to warm the reader up to your story as quickly as possible. Learn proven techniques for story openings.
great story roundup

How to Write a Great Story: A Roundup of Best Advice

A round-up of the best and most popular advice on writing craft and technique I've featured since 2010.
magnetic attraction

How to Attract a Readership Based on Concept Alone

Ultimately, concept is far less important than character when it comes to determining the overall quality of your story, but your audience is attracted to your story based on your concept alone. Does your concept have what it takes to draw people in?
hiring a pro editor

Should You Hire a Professional Editor?

But being able to truly see if you’ve been successful in writing a compelling work requires objectivity and distance than can be hard to achieve on your own—and this is where a professional editor comes in.
goal setting for writers

Do You Have Intention? How to Set Achievable and Meaningful Goals

The most successful people in every industry use goals as road maps to help them reach their desired destination. It’s no different for writers.
keys to great writing

A Key to Great Writing: Make Every Word Count

If I could teach only one key to great writing, it would be this: Make every word count. Recognize the power of a single, well-chosen word. Trust it to do its work. As a rule, the more economically you use language, the more powerfully you will deliver your message.
get that book done

Have Trouble Getting That Book Done? Try Doing Less.

There are countless ways to defeat ourselves, but the biggest and worst is to make the task too big and then feel daunted before we ever start
unlock your momentum

2 Keys to Unlock Your Momentum

Before you can take someone else's advice, you have to develop a realistic picture of who you are, what your tendencies are, and what you’re willing and able to change.
A stone angel resting her head on a plinth in apparent grief

5 Ways to Keep Writing When Life Intervenes

Author and editor Jessica Strawser offers guidance on how to write through illness, grief, and other major life events.
How to Create an Internal Mindset Conducive to Writing

How to Create an Internal Mindset Conducive to Writing

As a product of the human brain, writing is particularly influenced by emotions, moods, and worldviews. Learn how to create a mindset conducive to writing.
A pink pencil with pink lead has a broken tip. By Hernán Piñera via Flickr.

2 Stammer Verbs to Avoid in Your Fiction

Editor Jessi Rita Hoffman warns against the use of "stammer verbs," words that cause an unnecessary halt in the scene.
Magnifying glass by Todd Chandler via Flickr

Writing Your Book’s Back-Cover Copy

Editor Jessi Rita Hoffman explains how to craft professional and compelling back-cover copy for your book.
Steve Brewer

5 On: Steve Brewer

Steve Brewer discusses having a book adapted to film, his personal writing and editing challenges, and the tricky experience of using a pen name.
photo of pencils and sharpener by Dyfnaint via Flickr

How to Find the Right Critique Group or Partner for You

Brooke McIntyre of Inked Voices explains what to look for in a critique group and how to find the best writing critique group for you.
Alexis Grant

Launching an Online Community: Q&A With Author-Entrepreneur Alexis Grant

What does it take to launch a new website and online community? A Q&A with author and entrepreneur Alexis Grant.