How to Start Blogging for Authors

How to Start Blogging: A Definitive Guide for Authors

How authors can blog successfully for long-term platform and book marketing efforts, with tips for online writing, strong headlines, and good SEO.
How to Build an Author Website: Getting Started Guide

How to Build an Author Website: Getting Started Guide

I strongly advocate all authors start and maintain a website as part of their long-term marketing efforts and ongoing platform development. But it's an intimidating project because so few authors have been in a position to create, manage, or oversee websites. Where do you even begin?
build traffic to your author website

10 Ways to Build Traffic to Your Author Website or Blog

This post was first published in 2012 and is regularly updated. First things first: an author's website, whether it gets
Writer Wordpress theme

5 WordPress Themes for Professional Authors

One of the first choices you have to make for your author website is determining its theme or template. It sets the tone and even defines the site.
Wordpress websites

Building an Author Website on WordPress: How to Start Smart

If you’re considering WordPress as your platform of choice, here’s what you should know as you prepare to build on it.
A young girl wearing round glasses and writing in a large ledger with a quill pen

Building Your Professional Author Website: WordPress vs Squarespace

Web design expert Ron Bueker discusses the pros and cons of using WordPress and Squarespace to build your author website and brand.
Porter Anderson Digital Book World

4 Lessons for Authors on the Current State of Publishing

What authors need to know about current marketing practices and emerging business trends in the book publishing industry.
Selling services and products through your website

How to Sell Digital Products & Services Directly from Your Website: Advice for Authors and Freelancers

To sell products and services directly through your website, here are a few services and tools to get up and running fast (no coding or tech help required).
How to choose the right Wordpress theme

How to Choose the Right WordPress Theme for You

Here are 10 questions to ask before you choose a Wordpress theme for your site.
by Aurélien Bellanger

Could You Benefit From a Website Redesign?

Today's interview is by contributing writer Kristen Tsetsi (@ktsetsi), who does every-other-Wednesday interviews for the 5 On series. Anyone who pays any
How to Customize a Template-Based Author Website

How to Customize a Template-Based Author Website

Note from Jane: Today’s guest post is by Simone Collins (@SimoneHCollins) at ArtCorgi. See her earlier post on The Advantages of