Writing on the Ether: Reaching for the "New Book"

Writing on the Ether: Reaching for the “New Book”

Are we impatient for the "new books"? We are. Do we have to have them tomorrow? We don't. Will they be better "new books" if we take a little time to make sure everyone is accounted for, considered, even consulted and heard before we declare digital tools our icons and traditional publishing our new parking lot? They will.
Ball State professor Brad King

The Design of Authorship

In the visual realm, story and technology are intricately tied together. Ask any screenplay writer about the story development process and they will tell you there are three stories: the one the writer creates, the one the director shoots, and the one the editor puts together. Each story is different and each is intimately changed by the technology used to tell that story.*
Ball State professor Brad King

How We May Read

Today's guest post is by Brad King, a professor at Ball State with a brilliant mind for emerging media and