publishing help

If You’re Successful, Lots of People Ask for Your Help. Who Deserves It?

A "clueless ask" is when a well-meaning stranger asks for an investment of a successful person's time and energy. What are such people owed, if anything?
Ashley Scott Meyers

5 On: Ashley Scott Meyers

Screenwriter Ashley Scott Meyers (@AshleyMeyers) discusses the critical writing lesson he learned over time, what it takes to make a living as a screenwriter, and what it felt like the first time one of his scripts was produced
The secret to my productivity

The Secret to My Productivity, Or: Thoughts About Luxury and Privilege

I'm often asked: How can I be so productive? Or how does one balance creative work and other life demands? Here's the most truthful answer I have.
Melanie Bishop

The Sussman Productivity Method

For every 45 minutes that you write, do 15 minutes of something else. But there's one catch.
It Takes an Egg Timer by Joanne Tombrakos

There Are Two Kinds of “Busy.” Is Yours the Good Kind?

The following is excerpted from It Takes an Egg Timer: A Guide to Creating the Time for Your Life by