How to Start Blogging for Authors

How to Start Blogging: A Definitive Guide for Authors

How authors can blog successfully for long-term platform and book marketing efforts, with tips for online writing, strong headlines, and good SEO.
build traffic to your author website

10 Ways to Build Traffic to Your Author Website or Blog

This post was first published in 2012 and is regularly updated. First things first: an author's website, whether it gets
Improve Your Author Website

3 Ways to Improve Your Author Website Today

To maximize the effectiveness of your author website, it's necessary to study the data behind how people find your website, navigate it, and use it. Here are three of the most important areas to watch carefully.
Jane Knows

When to Modify Your Name Due to SEO Concerns

I received the following question from Jan O'Hara: I have a dilemma to sort out about author names. These are the