industry trends for authors

5 Industry Issues for Authors to Watch in 2016

The most important publishing industry headlines and stories that every writer should keep an eye on in 2016.
Looking up from the bottom of an escalator.

The Agent’s Role in the Digital Age: A Conversation with Jessica Faust

Literary agent Jessica Faust discusses how she helps authors self-publish.
How to Publish Your Book by Jane Friedman

It’s Here! My Great Course on How to Publish Your Book

I am thrilled to announce that my 24-lecture series on how to publish your book is now available from The Great Courses.
author business

5 Observations on the Evolution of Author Business Models

As publishing becomes increasingly digital-driven, how are the business models for authorship changing?
Libraries and self-publishers

Getting Self-Published Books Into Libraries

Accessing the library market remains difficult for self-publishing authors, especially those with limited visibility. Here's what authors need to understand before spending time and energy on library distribution.
Eddie Wright

5 On: Eddie Wright

Eddie Wright discusses artistic collaboration, why he adapted his novella into a graphic novel, marketing straight fiction vs. marketing comics, and more.
Decline in Fiction Sales

The State of the Publishing Industry in 5 Charts

Take a look at 5 charts that reflect current trends in the book publishing industry, and what they mean for authors.
Writer's Digest October 2014

The Value of Agent-Assisted Self-Publishing

Read my feature article for Writer's Digest magazine that explores the intersection of literary agents and self-publishing
Into the Nanten

Self-Publishing Beyond the Book: Serializing, Podcasting, and Merchandising

How an indie author turned a story concept into a full-fledged multimedia universe, including a live blog, illustrated journal, merchandise, and podcast.
how to find and choose an editor

How to Find an Editor as a Self-Published Author

Indie author Teymour Shahabi explains how to find an editor for the draft of your self-published book and what to look for in a good editing relationship.
Magnifying glass by Todd Chandler via Flickr

Writing Your Book’s Back-Cover Copy

Editor Jessi Rita Hoffman explains how to craft professional and compelling back-cover copy for your book.
The Lure of Romance Writing (and Earnings) for the Literary Set

The Lure of Romance Writing (and Earnings) for the Literary Set

A growing number of authors with serious literary cred are finding greater financial success—and a welcoming community—in the romance business.
A Conversation With the SELF-e Team: Exploring Payment for Authors

A Conversation With the SELF-e Team: Exploring Payment for Authors

SELF-e offers self-published authors a way to distribute ebooks to libraries, but without any pay. The team behind SELF-e addresses the money issue.
Self Publishing Distribution to Libraries

How Self-Published Authors Can Distribute to Libraries

Journalist and consultant Porter Anderson explains the new SELF-e program from Library Journal for getting self-published ebooks into American libraries.
Hannah Goodman

5 On: Hannah R. Goodman

Author and writing coach Hannah R. Goodman shares her experiences in self-publishing and marketing YA fiction.
Amazon Publishing

My Experience Working with Amazon Publishing

Author Carol Bodensteiner answers the seven questions she gets most about working with Amazon Publishing.
Art of Commerce

Interview with Jane: Art of Commerce Series

Jane discusses building a digital presence, querying 15 years ago vs. now, agents vs. self-publishing, crowdfunding, and the future of publishing.
literary fiction

Is Self-Publishing a Viable Option for Literary Fiction Writers?

Should literary writers consider self-publishing? How it might affect their long-term careers? Two agents weigh in.
do you love your publisher #authorsay

Do You Love Your Publisher: Author Survey Results

Last month, author Harry Bingham and I launched an author survey to explore the experiences and current leanings of traditionally published authors in the
Robert Kroese

5 On: Robert Kroese

Robert Kroese reveals the process that allows him to write up to three books per year, and how authors can increase their sales potential.
Amazon book description

How to Improve Your Amazon Book Description & Metadata

Learn how to improve the description of your book, and improve its metadata, when using Amazon KDP.
What You Need to Know About Crowdfunded Publishing   

What You Need to Know About Crowdfunded Publishing  

What is crowdfunded publishing? Learn about the two types of models now prevalent, plus the major services you can choose from.

How 7 Literary Authors Collaborated to Launch a Box Set

A group of literary authors have launched a limited edition box set of novels. How did they make the collaboration work?
by Tim Pierce via Flickr

How to Self-Publish Children’s Books Successfully: Notes From the Trenches

A traditionally published children's author discusses how she's launched a successful indie publishing effort in less than two years.
What Authors Can Learn From Startups

What Authors Can Learn From Startups

You can find marketing inspiration in what others have done, but also know that the less advertised “strategies” might actually be the ones worth pursuing.
Children's books

The Business of Self-Publishing Children’s Picture Books: Two Literary Agents Weigh In

Two literary agents offer their thoughts on the self-publishing of children's books and what the future of the picture book might look like.
Scott Berkun, The Year Without Pants

Book Marketing Must Center (Mostly) on the Author: Q&A with Scott Berkun

Full-time author and speaker Scott Berkun discusses his book marketing experiences as both a traditionally published author and self-published author.
Picture ebooks

How to Create Picture Ebooks for Kids

Amazon's Kids' Book Creator allows the average Joe to create illustrated children's books for the Kindle and upload them directly to Amazon.
Harry Bingham between houses

Why Authors Walk Away From Good, Big 5 Publishers

UK author Harry Bingham describes the four stages of his career, and why he's decided to self-publish after good experiences with traditional houses.
Free books

The Strategic Use of Book Giveaways and How They Can Increase Earnings Potential

Giving away your work isn't a problem if you've developed a strategy around it, and know how to turn new readers into fans.
Digital Book World 2015 panel with Russ Grandinetti of Amazon

Amazon Discusses Kindle Unlimited & Kindle Select Participation: Digital Book World, Day 2

Amazon says that Kindle Select participation is healthy, and that the Kindle Unlimited ebook subscription service is leading to more reading and sales.
Author Hangout with Jane Friedman

Platform Building for Authors [30-Minute Video Interview]

In a 30-minute video interview, I discuss the basics of author platform.
Indie Authors and the Question of Kindle Unlimited

Indie Authors and the Question of Kindle Unlimited

Old post alert! This was published in 2014 and some aspects of Kindle Unlimited have changed. If you're investigating whether
Digital Book World

What Should Authors & Publishers Expect in 2015?

In January, I'm moderating a panel at the Digital Book World Conference + Expo, which focuses on information and ideas about the digital
Should Children’s Book Authors Self-Publish?

Should Children’s Book Authors Self-Publish?

Note from Jane: Today's guest post is by Sangeeta Mehta (@sangeeta_editor), a former acquiring editor of children's books at Little,

Indies & Audiobooks: An Alternative to ACX

If you don't like the terms offered by Amazon's ACX for selling your audiobook, you do have an alternative. Author Lee Stephen explains the path he took.
Mike Cogh / via Flickr

The Long-Term View: 3 Exciting Mind Shifts for Author Entrepreneurs

Note from Jane: Today's guest post is from Joanna Penn (@thecreativepenn), and is based on her new book, Business for Authors:
Smart Set

Is Publishing in Trouble or Not—Decide! [Smart Set]

Welcome to The Smart Set, a weekly series where I curate a selection of articles from the past week related to the publishing/media
And If the Readership Pulls in Different Directions?

And If the Readership Pulls in Different Directions?

While lots of authors are fond of saying that readers don’t care whether something is traditionally published or self-published, many of them also want to tell you there’s this marching army of indie-only reading author. So which is it going to be?—they’ll read anything? or they’ll read only free-range indie books?
Another Leap of Hybrid Faith: New Publishing Routes

Another Leap of Hybrid Faith: New Publishing Routes

Shanna Swendson, author of the Enchanted Inc. series of books, is working what some authors might consider near-magic in a transition from traditional publishing to self-publishing. And she's getting savvier about it fast.
Writer Unboxed

Serial Fiction: How It’s Changing Publishing

My latest column at Writer Unboxed tackles serial fiction—and how it's changing writing, reading, and publishing. Here's a little snippet:
Earning the Authors a Say

Earning the Authors a Say

Much shorter and quicker to go over than the initial report, this edition takes into account information interpreted from approximately 11,000 titles in genre fiction; 900 in literary fiction; 30,000 in non-fiction; and some 10,000 in children's (not YA) fiction. Hugh Howey has, since the first report, adopted a more frequent use of the term "spider" for the software his still-unnamed associate is deploying.
Howey's Convention: "Organized Advocacy"

Howey’s Convention: “Organized Advocacy”

You may be looking at the best chance ever encountered for authors—of all stripes, Ms. Rowling, as Hugh Howey tells us—to at last come together, to make common cause, and to speak as one with a force this industry has never known.
A Call for Writers to Organize: Hugh Howey Interview

A Call for Writers to Organize: Hugh Howey Interview

Table of Contents “To Call for Change Within the Publishing Community” “To Stand Up for Each Other” “A New Era
Publishing, Between Revolution and Revolt: Writing on the Ether

Publishing, Between Revolution and Revolt: Writing on the Ether

Table of Contents Lit Smart Rebecca Hugh and Cry Combat in the Community If You See Us Running… Lit Follow
Is the "Publishers' Monopoly" Broken? Writing on the Ether

Is the “Publishers’ Monopoly” Broken? Writing on the Ether

Table of Contents Read It and Tweet No Anti-Social Scientists, Please “A Two-for-One Special” Our “Bifurcating Future” Read It and
#DBW14 - The Biz of Books: Writing on the Ether

#DBW14 – The Biz of Books: Writing on the Ether

DBW’s producers at F+W Media may take their mission even more seriously than usual: this DBW takes place in a winter without a Tools of Change (TOC) conference from O’Reilly Media.
by ChaoticMind 75 / Flickr

6 Ways Micro-Publishing Strengthens Your Author Career

Micro-published books are short, tight, and swift. A meaningful discussion of micro-publishing has been pushed aside during the ongoing tug-of-war between traditional publishing and independent publishing (self-publishing). But we are well beyond “everyone is a writer” at this point. We have progressed into “everyone is a publisher,” if they wish to be—and we have been living in this realm for some time already. Fortunately, micro-publishing benefits the industry as a whole by bringing some much-needed simplicity and directness into a publishing equation that is often weighted down by its own complexity and contracts. And it also benefits you, the writer.
author platform

How Much Does Author Platform Impact Sales?

Is it possible to successfully publish and sell your e-books—without a platform—as long as you choose the right genre?
Writing on the Ether: When the Wise Women Get Here

Writing on the Ether: When the Wise Women Get Here

Table of Contents They Three Queens of Orient Were Hope and Fear #1: Visibility Hope and Fear #2: Literary Fiction