Ashley Scott Meyers

5 On: Ashley Scott Meyers

Screenwriter Ashley Scott Meyers (@AshleyMeyers) discusses the critical writing lesson he learned over time, what it takes to make a living as a screenwriter, and what it felt like the first time one of his scripts was produced
A portrait of Heather Hale with the quote: "Some writing is therapy. And probably doesn't ever need to be read by anyone but you."

5 On: Heather Hale

Heather Hale discusses the top five mistakes screenwriters make, the usefulness of online script databases, and how to approach a first screenwriting contract.
writing for television

So You Want to Write for Television?

Author and TV industry vet Greg White offers insight on how to write for television if you're a beginner.
How a Book Becomes a Movie

How a Book Becomes a Movie

What authors need to know about the process of getting a book adapted to the big screen.

How to Sell Your Screenplay (for Absolute Beginners)

Wondering how to sell your screenplay? Learn the most common paths to production for a first-time screenwriter.
Anne Perry advice for writers

5 On: Anne Perry

In this 5On interview, author Anne Perry discusses (among other things): what plot is not what to look for when