The Difference Between a Press Release and a Pitch (You Need Both)

The Difference Between a Press Release and a Pitch (You Need Both)

The two biggest mistakes in book publicity pitches: they are too long in length, and not pointed or provocative enough.

How Do Books Become Bestsellers? (Can Authors Increase Those Chances?)

Is a book's success all luck, even if 'luck' includes hitting the right subject matter at the right time, or is it marketing—and can an indie author in any way compete with a publisher?

Authors: Think Twice Before Paying to Exhibit at Book Expo (BEA)

BEA is a quality industry event, and it is a legitimate marketing and promotion opportunity. But for the majority of indie authors, it does not make sense to invest what are likely your limited resources in BEA.
author-publisher disappointment

3 Things Your Traditional Publisher Is Unlikely to Do

The No. 1 disappointment of published authors is the lack of marketing support from their publisher. Here's how to prepare for what will—and won't—happen.
market locally

How to Network Effectively (Even If You Hate Networking): Start Close to Home

If you want to sell books and have people read them, you have to meet other people and tell them about it. Learn the best networking strategies for people who hate networking.
short term campaigns

How to Run Short-Term Social Media Campaigns

A short-term marketing campaign is a series of strategies designed to reach a goal in a defined period of time, and include projects such as book launches. A short-term campaign has four definite phases: planning, pre-launch, launch, and follow-through.
writing for free

When Should You Write for Exposure? 5 Questions to Ask

When deciding whether to write for free—or for exposure—here are 5 questions writers should ask.
A woman working at a computer.

How to Save Money and Do Online Book Publicity Yourself

Author and publicist Fauzia Burke offers tips and resources for doing your own internet book publicity.
A Former Book Publicist's Advice to Traditionally Published Authors

A Former Book Publicist’s Advice to Traditionally Published Authors

Andrea Dunlop, a former Doubleday publicist, discusses how to approach a book launch from a publicist's point of view.
book publicity

How to Find and Work With a Book Publicist—Successfully

What every author needs to know before they hire a publicist, and how to work with one successfully.
Dana Kaye

5 On: Dana Kaye

Publicist Dana Kaye discusses why not to pretend to be a publicist, the question of gender bias in publishing and publicity, marketing mistakes and misconceptions, and more.
Free books

The Strategic Use of Book Giveaways and How They Can Increase Earnings Potential

Giving away your work isn't a problem if you've developed a strategy around it, and know how to turn new readers into fans.
What Should Authors Blog About?

What Should Authors Blog About?

The chain of events goes something like this: An author's book nears its publication date (or perhaps the author is attempting
How Should You Spend Your Book Marketing Budget?

How Should You Spend Your Book Marketing Budget?

Author Brad Swift asks the following: I have a number of fiction and nonfiction books now available through Amazon as