How to Start Blogging for Authors

How to Start Blogging: A Definitive Guide for Authors

How authors can blog successfully for long-term platform and book marketing efforts, with tips for online writing, strong headlines, and good SEO.
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4 Freelancing Myths That Are Holding You Back

Misconceptions about getting started often hold new writers back. You may think that to be successful as a freelance writer, you need a J-school degree, an impressive database of editorial contacts, and a truckload of supplies. Not so—read on to learn the most common myths that can sabotage you before you start.
Nov/Dec 2016 Writer's Digest

How to Make Money from Your Website or Blog

I'm proud to have a feature in Writer's Digest magazine on how to monetize your website and blog. I detail eight methods.
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What Writers Need to Know About Freelancing for Content Mills, Business Websites, and Information Portals

Freelance writer Leslie Truex offers tips on writing for content mills, websites, and information portals.
Truth-Telling and Platform-Building

Truth-Telling and Platform-Building

How do you build an online platform when you don't have advice or ready-to-go insights (and don't like offering either)?
by Jeff Sheldon

3 Types of Bios That Every Online Professional Needs

Build a bio that's not only better than most you have read, but also compelling enough to attract the fans & clients you'd like to have in the first place.