balance budget

Balancing Your Submission Budget for Literary Journals

Although the world of submissions can be complex and expensive, balancing your submission budget doesn't have to be. Here are some tips to help you minimize expenditures and maximize profit.
Literary journal business model

The Business Model of Literary Journals (or Lack Thereof)

Are literary journals justified in charging reading fees?
Bo Sacks

An Interview With Bo Sacks: The Magazine Industry and the Future of Publishing

Bo Sacks, a magazine industry vet, talks about technology, optimism, and what it’s like to put out a daily newsletter for 20 years.
Brian Smithson / via Flickr

Are Literary Journals in Trouble?

Literary journals have done little to move beyond their gatekeeping function, and cling to a scarcity model that no longer works in the digital age.
The Little Magazine in Contemporary America

The Future of the Gatekeepers

I'm a proud contributor to an anthology releasing this week from University of Chicago Press, The Little Magazine in Contemporary America, edited by Ian Morris and Joanne Diaz.