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Suffering From Writer Envy? There’s a Map Only You Can Make

Any accomplished writer is also a reader—and usually a reader first. For the writer who is the least a bit
literary blogs and websites

The Best Literary Fiction Blogs & Websites

A list of the best blogs and websites focused on literary fiction and culture
starting line

Your Novel’s First Scene: How to Start Right

Every reader starts a story cold, and you want to warm the reader up to your story as quickly as possible. Learn proven techniques for story openings.
great story roundup

How to Write a Great Story: A Roundup of Best Advice

A round-up of the best and most popular advice on writing craft and technique I've featured since 2010.
Gabe Herron

You Can’t Rush Your Development

A couple weeks ago, I advised young writers to have patience—with themselves, with the publishing process, and with their development.
Literary journal business model

The Business Model of Literary Journals (or Lack Thereof)

Are literary journals justified in charging reading fees?
literary fiction

Is Self-Publishing a Viable Option for Literary Fiction Writers?

Should literary writers consider self-publishing? How it might affect their long-term careers? Two agents weigh in.
The Little Magazine in Contemporary America

The Future of the Gatekeepers

I'm a proud contributor to an anthology releasing this week from University of Chicago Press, The Little Magazine in Contemporary America, edited by Ian Morris and Joanne Diaz.

How 7 Literary Authors Collaborated to Launch a Box Set

A group of literary authors have launched a limited edition box set of novels. How did they make the collaboration work?
Laura van den Berg

How a Collection of Stories Comes Together

Laura van den Berg discusses the evolution of how her stories get written and shaped into a collection, or a book.
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The Power of Understatement in Fiction Writing

One of the most useful and powerful devices for the fiction writer is understatement. You tell the reader less so that the reader knows more. Instead of having everything spelt out, the reader is given, in a very careful way, just enough information for the imagination to go to work. From understatement the reader can derive great pleasure and satisfaction.
The definition of literary

What Is a Literary Novel?

Today's guest post is by Dr. Sanjida O'Connell, a literary author based in the UK. Her latest book is out