Richard Nash

An Interview with Richard Nash: The Future of Publishing

The visionary independent publisher discusses how to make money from writing, why books are not culture, and why it isn’t Amazon’s fault.
Art of Commerce

Interview with Jane: Art of Commerce Series

Jane discusses building a digital presence, querying 15 years ago vs. now, agents vs. self-publishing, crowdfunding, and the future of publishing.
Digital Book World

What Should Authors & Publishers Expect in 2015?

In January, I'm moderating a panel at the Digital Book World Conference + Expo, which focuses on information and ideas about the digital
The Muse and the Marketplace 2014

Writing & Money: A Brief Syllabus

For my upcoming keynote talk at The Muse & The Marketplace, I've been immersing myself in histories of publishing and
Retailer share of books bought by US consumers, Jan 2010-Nov 2012

5 Valuable Charts That Show How Publishing Is Changing

One of my favorite social media activities is collecting charts and visual data related to book publishing and other media,