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Freelance Writing IS a Viable Career (Don’t Listen to the Naysayers)

If you dream of a full-time freelance writing career, don't be discouraged by the largely negative messages about how difficult it is out there.
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4 Freelancing Myths That Are Holding You Back

Misconceptions about getting started often hold new writers back. You may think that to be successful as a freelance writer, you need a J-school degree, an impressive database of editorial contacts, and a truckload of supplies. Not so—read on to learn the most common myths that can sabotage you before you start.
Writer's Digest Nov/Dec 2015

My First Year of Full-Time Freelancing

A few lessons I've learned after more than a full year of full-time freelancing
Best Business Advice for Writers: September 2013

Best Business Advice for Writers: September 2013

Best Business Advice for Writers (Sept 2013): a monthly link round-up where I share the best online articles focused on the business of writing and publishing.
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Submission: 6 Rules of Thumb From an Editor-Turned-Writer

Today's guest post is by writer and editor Jennifer Niesslein (@jniesslein), who is based in Charlottesville, Virginia. I’m experiencing karma.
Peter Bowerman

Freelance Success Is About Process, Not Personality

The following interview with Peter Bowerman is excerpted from How They Did It by Diana Bocco, a collection of Q&A with 25