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5 Steps to Kick Your Marketing FOMO to the Curb

Marketing FOMO is more debilitating than distracting—and if you suffer from marketing FOMO, your marketing tasks will never be done.
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Thinking of Running a Facebook Ad? Proceed with Caution

Author Martha Conway discusses optimizing Facebook ad settings to ensure a realistic click-through rate, and her overall results with Facebook ads.
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Not Sure How to Approach Social Media? CARE about Your Readers

Author and social media expert Frances Caballo discusses the CARE acronym and how to use it to guide your interactions with readers on social media.
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How to Be Active on Social Media without Losing Your Mind

Author and social media expert Kirsten Oliphant explains how to manage your platform-building activities on social media sites.
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5 Ways to Keep Writing When Life Intervenes

Author and editor Jessica Strawser offers guidance on how to write through illness, grief, and other major life events.
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When Less Is More on Social Media

Social media expert Chris Syme explains why less is more in social media, and how to make the most use of primary and secondary social media channels.
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The Pros and Cons of Using a Facebook Profile But Not an Official Page

Every author is told to start an official Facebook page. But what if you stick with your personal profile only? Learn the advantages and disadvantages.
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4 Lessons for Authors on the Current State of Publishing

What authors need to know about current marketing practices and emerging business trends in the book publishing industry.
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Why You Should Join All Social Media Networks

I think it's fair to say that most of us are not looking to add more social media activity to our lives.
A Former Book Publicist's Advice to Traditionally Published Authors

A Former Book Publicist’s Advice to Traditionally Published Authors

Andrea Dunlop, a former Doubleday publicist, discusses how to approach a book launch from a publicist's point of view.
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Storytelling Across Media: Q&A with Agent Laurie McLean

Agent Laurie McLean discusses the platform and book launch strategy for author/musician Simon Curtis.
Patrick Walsh

5 On: Patrick Walsh

Book publicist Patrick Walsh discusses effective social media promotion, what it takes to make the same old book-marketing advice work for you, questions to ask yourself when trying to decide whether your story should be a book or a screenplay, and more.
Best Practices for Author Facebook Pages and Groups

Best Practices for Author Facebook Pages and Groups

Kirsten Oliphant discusses how to effectively use Facebook pages and groups.
Elisa Lorello

5 On: Elisa Lorello

In this 5 On post, bestselling author Elisa Lorello discusses authenticity, using social media to connect with readers, rejection, and the differences between self- and traditional publishing.
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How to Use Facebook Contests & Giveaways to Build a Fan Base

Social media marketing expert Chris Syme discusses how to use Facebook contests and giveaways to turn fans into super fans.
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Beware of One-Size-Fits-All Advice for Social Media

Be careful before applying someone else's social media advice to your situation.
What Marketing Support Looks Like at a Big 5 Publisher

What Marketing Support Looks Like at a Big 5 Publisher

Thriller author Todd Moss describes his own marketing efforts and the marketing efforts of his Big Five publisher, Putnam, for his book The Golden Hour.
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My 5 Philosophies of Social Media

If you need a place to start, then focus on talking about or posting about others you admire.
Author Biz podcast

Building Your Business As An Author [Interview]

I was delighted to be a guest on Stephen Campbell's podcast, The Author Biz.
Facebook for Authors

Facebook for Authors: Getting Started Guide

This 101 guide describes best practices for authors using Facebook for book marketing, with tips on when you should set up a fan page.

2 Easy Ways to Measure the Impact of Your Social Media Use

Learn how to easily study the impact of your social media use on your marketing and promotion efforts.
Alexis Grant

Launching an Online Community: Q&A With Author-Entrepreneur Alexis Grant

What does it take to launch a new website and online community? A Q&A with author and entrepreneur Alexis Grant.
Does Twitter Make Sense for Most Writers?

Does Twitter Make Sense for Most Writers?

Is social media a waste of time for writers? Is it possible, in the end, to just focus on writing?
Kitty Cornered by Bob Tarte

How One Introverted Author Successfully Markets His Work

The following Q&A is with author Bob Tarte. Bob lives in Michigan with parrots, ducks, geese, parakeets, rabbits, doves, cats, hens,
Facebook strategy

Facebook Strategy for Authors: In-Depth Discussion

If you're like most authors I know, you've wondered about how to best use Facebook. Should you stick to your
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5 Principles for Using Facebook

It's difficult to give advice about Facebook because it keeps changing—in structure, functionality, and effectiveness. For instance, I used to