How Crowdfunding Allows You to Experiment Outside Your Genre

Established writers can't often—and probably shouldn’t—publish far outside of their area of expertise. It’s a fast way to alienate your existing fan base. But crowdfunding allows you to experiment outside of your genre for a project you want to see out in the world.
crowdfunding for writers

Crowdfunding Usually Doesn’t Work for Writers—But It Can

Over 70% of author crowdfunding campaigns fail, but you can beat the odds if you embrace your role as chief marketing officer of your book.
Bethany Joy Carlson crowdfunding

Q&A about Crowdfunding for Authors with Bethany Joy Carlson

Jane Friedman interviews author Bethany Joy Carlson about effective crowdfunding campaigns for authors.
Art of Commerce

Interview with Jane: Art of Commerce Series

Jane discusses building a digital presence, querying 15 years ago vs. now, agents vs. self-publishing, crowdfunding, and the future of publishing.
What You Need to Know About Crowdfunded Publishing   

What You Need to Know About Crowdfunded Publishing  

What is crowdfunded publishing? Learn about the two types of models now prevalent, plus the major services you can choose from.
Scott Berkun, The Year Without Pants

Book Marketing Must Center (Mostly) on the Author: Q&A with Scott Berkun

Full-time author and speaker Scott Berkun discusses his book marketing experiences as both a traditionally published author and self-published author.