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When Structure Sets You Free

Essayist and professor Nell Boeschenstein discusses how establishing structure can liberate your writing.
memory and memoir

Using the Fallacy of Memory to Create Effective Memoir

Understand the 7 sins of memory, and how to use these sins to convey greater meaning and truth in your stories.
Lisa Gornick

The Yearning to Learn From Our Lives

The personal essay can provide an artful account of earned insight often more useful than years of therapeutic work.
Every Father's Daughter

Getting an Anthology Published: Q&A with Margaret McMullan

Publishers rarely see any money in anthologies and frequently reject them. But one author was still able to find a home for her project.
Memoir by Meni's Style and A S O !

Why Is There a Surge in Memoir? Is It a Good Thing?

Today's guest post is by Shirley Hershey Showalter, who has been blogging about memoir for four years and is writing a memoir