Bethany Joy Carlson crowdfunding

Q&A about Crowdfunding for Authors with Bethany Joy Carlson

Jane Friedman interviews author Bethany Joy Carlson about effective crowdfunding campaigns for authors.
Starting an Email Newsletter: Why to Do It and Which Service to Use

Starting an Email Newsletter: Why to Do It and Which Service to Use

Author Kirsten Oliphant explains how to get started forming a list of email subscribers, including how to choose an email service provider.
A white keyboard with a green "blog" key

How to Use Guest Blogging to Promote Your Book

Online marketing expert Beth Hayden explains how to use guest blogging to promote your book.
Teachable Summit

Join Me to Discuss the Rise of the Writer-Entrepreneur

Next week, I'm participating in the Book to Course Virtual Summit, a free event hosted by Teachable. I'll be discussing the rise of the writer-entrepreneur.
A woman working at a computer.

How to Save Money and Do Online Book Publicity Yourself

Author and publicist Fauzia Burke offers tips and resources for doing your own internet book publicity.
Facebook page

The Pros and Cons of Using a Facebook Profile But Not an Official Page

Every author is told to start an official Facebook page. But what if you stick with your personal profile only? Learn the advantages and disadvantages.
Phil Persinger

5 On: Philip B. Persinger

Philip B. Persinger discusses his attraction to sonnets, the broad art of writing and selling a play, why he published his latest novel with Amazon, and more.
A white golf tee in a field of orange golf tees

What It’s Like to Score a Kindle Scout Book Deal

Author Ken Brosky discusses his Kindle Scout book deal and his and Amazon's marketing plans for The Proving.
Porter Anderson Digital Book World

4 Lessons for Authors on the Current State of Publishing

What authors need to know about current marketing practices and emerging business trends in the book publishing industry.
Emily Grosvenor, Tessalation

Using Kickstarter to Fund a Children’s Picture Book

Author Emily Grosvenor explains how she has constructed a Kickstarter campaign for her children's book, Tessalation!
Henry Baum

5 On: Henry Baum

Author/songwriter Henry Baum discusses self-publishing services, the value of a paid review, why he started his own self-publishing service, and more.
social media for writers

Why You Should Join All Social Media Networks

I think it's fair to say that most of us are not looking to add more social media activity to our lives.
Selling services and products through your website

The Author Website: Your Central Marketing Hub

The primary function and value of an author website is marketing related.
Barry Eisler

5 On: Barry Eisler

Author Barry Eisler discusses the pros and cons (where they exist) of legacy, Amazon, and self-publishing; research and editing; selling book rights; and more.
A Former Book Publicist's Advice to Traditionally Published Authors

A Former Book Publicist’s Advice to Traditionally Published Authors

Andrea Dunlop, a former Doubleday publicist, discusses how to approach a book launch from a publicist's point of view.
authors guide to pinterest

Pinterest for Authors: A Beginner’s Guide

Learn four reasons writers might want to use Pinterest, how to best use the platform, and best practices to get the most traction for your work.
book publicity

How to Find and Work With a Book Publicist—Successfully

What every author needs to know before they hire a publicist, and how to work with one successfully.
Simon Curtis 8 Bit heart

Storytelling Across Media: Q&A with Agent Laurie McLean

Agent Laurie McLean discusses the platform and book launch strategy for author/musician Simon Curtis.
An antique world map.

Selling Your Books Internationally

Helen Sedwick and Orna Ross discuss selling international rights to your book.
Reggie Lutz

5 On: Reggie Lutz

Author and radio broadcaster Reggie Lutz discusses her tendency as a writer to synthesize fiction genres, recommends qualities to look for in a writing critique group, offers advice on pitching and interviewing with radio hosts, and more.
writers cooperatives

Author Collectives and Co-ops: What They Are and How to Start One

Writers' collectives can help independent authors gain an advantage in quality, cost control, and marketing.
paying for book reviews

Are Paid Book Reviews Worth It?

The majority of authors will not benefit from paid book reviews, and should invest their time and money elsewhere. Here's why.
April Eberhardt

5 On: April Eberhardt

Literary agent and publishing consultant April Eberhardt discusses effective book promotion, what makes writing exceptional from a publishing perspective, her preference for representing women's fiction, and more in this 5 On interview.
The SheepOver

Shepherding a Self-Published Picture Book to Success: A Conversation with Literary Agent Brenda Bowen

Sangeeta Mehta interviews agent Brenda Bowen about the success of the children's picture book Sweet Pea & Friends: The SheepOver.
Friedman Penn podcast

Digital Publishing and Authorship in 2016: A Discussion with Joanna Penn

In conversation with Joanna Penn, I discuss digital publishing trends and what authors need to know as they head into 2016.
Patrick Walsh

5 On: Patrick Walsh

Book publicist Patrick Walsh discusses effective social media promotion, what it takes to make the same old book-marketing advice work for you, questions to ask yourself when trying to decide whether your story should be a book or a screenplay, and more.
Mountains at the Glacier National Park reflected perfectly in a lake

How Writers Can Optimize Their Book’s Description on Amazon

Author and editor C. S. Lakin offers guidelines on crafting your Amazon book description to maximize sales.
industry trends for authors

5 Industry Issues for Authors to Watch in 2016

The most important publishing industry headlines and stories that every writer should keep an eye on in 2016.
Best Practices for Author Facebook Pages and Groups

Best Practices for Author Facebook Pages and Groups

Kirsten Oliphant discusses how to effectively use Facebook pages and groups.
Elisa Lorello

5 On: Elisa Lorello

In this 5 On post, bestselling author Elisa Lorello discusses authenticity, using social media to connect with readers, rejection, and the differences between self- and traditional publishing.
Fans gathered on one side of a railing.

How to Use Facebook Contests & Giveaways to Build a Fan Base

Social media marketing expert Chris Syme discusses how to use Facebook contests and giveaways to turn fans into super fans.
The secret to my productivity

The Secret to My Productivity, Or: Thoughts About Luxury and Privilege

I'm often asked: How can I be so productive? Or how does one balance creative work and other life demands? Here's the most truthful answer I have.
The Instagram color camera logo

5 Ways to Use Instagram as an Author

Writers Tee Morris and Pip Ballantine explain all the ways authors can use Instagram to build their readership.
A dollar bill planted among other seedlings in a field

Can You Promote a Book without Making Yourself Miserable?

Author Ed Cyzewski offers insight into building authentic, sustainable practices in book marketing and promotion.
David Corbett

5 On: David Corbett

David Corbett discusses the decline in our country's writing skills, his personal approach to marketing, writing to the market vs. to the passion, and more.
Dana Kaye

5 On: Dana Kaye

Publicist Dana Kaye discusses why not to pretend to be a publicist, the question of gender bias in publishing and publicity, marketing mistakes and misconceptions, and more.
An image of a black powerplug plugged into an outlet with four ports.

How Authors Can Find Their Ideal Reading Audience

Writing coach and author Angela Ackerman discusses techniques for identifying and connecting with your target reading audience.
author business

5 Observations on the Evolution of Author Business Models

As publishing becomes increasingly digital-driven, how are the business models for authorship changing?
Libraries and self-publishers

Getting Self-Published Books Into Libraries

Accessing the library market remains difficult for self-publishing authors, especially those with limited visibility. Here's what authors need to understand before spending time and energy on library distribution.
Portrait of Chuck Sambuchino

Interview with Chuck Sambuchino: The Keys to Publishing Success

Author and editor Chuck Sambuchino discusses promoting books, the talent writers need, and good writing advice.
Book marketing on Pinterest

Using Pinterest to Market Children’s Picture Books

A children's author shares her strategies for promoting her picture books on Pinterest—as well as what adult fiction marketing techniques haven't worked for her.
5 On: Nathan Bransford

5 On: Nathan Bransford

Author and former literary agent Nathan Bransford discusses (among other things) the ongoing emphasis on author platform, publisher and author marketing responsibilities, and in what way being a literary agent influenced his writing.
Hannah Goodman

5 On: Hannah R. Goodman

Author and writing coach Hannah R. Goodman shares her experiences in self-publishing and marketing YA fiction.
Amazon Publishing

My Experience Working with Amazon Publishing

Author Carol Bodensteiner answers the seven questions she gets most about working with Amazon Publishing.
Jim Thomsen

5 On: Jim Thomsen

Editor Jim Thomsen discusses freelance editing, story craft, favorite authors, and his own authorial aspirations.
Image by nikcname via Flickr

How to Repurpose Your Book or Blog Content for Profit and Promotion

Blogger and author Nina Amir explains how to turn your blog content into books and other information products.
What Marketing Support Looks Like at a Big 5 Publisher

What Marketing Support Looks Like at a Big 5 Publisher

Thriller author Todd Moss describes his own marketing efforts and the marketing efforts of his Big Five publisher, Putnam, for his book The Golden Hour.
by Richard O York / via Flickr

That Overused Word “Community”—But Why We Still Have to Talk About It

What does it mean to "engage" with a community? And what's the benefit?
5 On: E. E. King

5 On: E. E. King

In this interview, author E. E. King (Elizabeth Eve King) explains her approaches to writing, humor, marketing, and publishing.
Carol Hoenig

5 On: Carol Hoenig

In this interview, author Carol Hoenig explains what makes an author attractive to the media.