Indie Author Fringe

Balancing the Art of Writing with the Business of Publishing

Watch my 30-minute talk on how to bring together the art and business sides of your career in a way that doesn't feel like a bad marriage.
Richard Nash

An Interview with Richard Nash: The Future of Publishing

The visionary independent publisher discusses how to make money from writing, why books are not culture, and why it isn’t Amazon’s fault.
The Caxton Celebration

The Age-Old Cynicism Surrounding the Dream of Book Writing

More than 90% of young people say they want to write a book some day. So why does that inspire such cynicism among adults?
Do you have writing talent: a flowchart

Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Successful Author?

At conferences, I'm often asked by writers if they "have what it takes" to be a successful writer. I usually interpret that question as: "Do I have talent?"
Detroit Book Repository

If the Book Is Dead, Then Why Buy a Zombie?

Today's guest post is from Jason Braun, who produces hip-hop sonnets from the Midwest. A year has passed since Jane