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Understanding Audiobook Production: An Interview with Rich Miller

How much input should an author have when it comes to the narrator's interpretation? When is feedback helpful, and when is it frustrating? What is a reasonable cost per finished hour of audio? An interview with Rich Miller.
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An Alternative to ACX for Audiobook Production and Distribution

If you're looking for an alternative to ACX and more control over your audiobook production and distribution, then ListenUp Audiobooks is worth a look.
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5 Steps to Creating a Great Audiobook

Jay Swanson, the creative mind behind real-time fantasy blog Into the Nanten, explains how to develop a compelling audiobook.

Indies & Audiobooks: An Alternative to ACX

If you don't like the terms offered by Amazon's ACX for selling your audiobook, you do have an alternative. Author Lee Stephen explains the path he took.
A Most Audible Alarm: ACX Chops Royalties

A Most Audible Alarm: ACX Chops Royalties

Table of Contents The White Noise of Falling Royalty Rates Ask the Question, Give No Answer Difficult Interpretations: "Not Your