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How Writers Can Optimize Their Book’s Description on Amazon

Author and editor C. S. Lakin offers guidelines on crafting your Amazon book description to maximize sales.
Amazon book description

How to Improve Your Amazon Book Description & Metadata

Learn how to improve the description of your book, and improve its metadata, when using Amazon KDP.
Infographic: 4 Key Publishing Paths

Infographic: 4 Key Book Publishing Paths

This infographic breaks down the key 5 publishing paths, their value to authors, the potential pitfalls, and examples of each.
Amazon White Glove program

Agent-Assisted Self-Publishing and the Amazon White Glove Program

There are no “rules” for agent-assisted self-publishing, but the biggest drawbacks are usually loss of control and loss of royalties. All authors should negotiate a contract beforehand that protects their rights and lifetime earnings.