The Sussman Productivity Method

Melanie Bishop

I’ve seen so many different productivity methods discussed over the years: The Pomodoro Technique, GTD (Getting Things Done), The Action Method. And then there are hosts of articles about different productivity styles. As for myself, I use a very simple Evernote list method that requires no explanation other than: It’s a to-do list organized by date.

Over at Glimmer Train, Melanie Bishop shares a method that works for her that I admire for its directness and mindfulness: For every 45 minutes that you write, do 15 minutes of something else. But there’s one catch:

The something else should not be word-related, should not involve the internet or checking your email, for instance. It should be something mindless, a task you can do while having the page with which you just parted ways still present in your head.

She calls this the Sussman method, after an article by a writer of the same name. Bishop goes on to discuss how the method has worked for her, and the importance of camaraderie during the writing process—even camaraderie at a distance.

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