Sunday Business Sermons

Join me on Sunday afternoons for off-the-cuff and free conversations about the business of writing, publishing, and freelancing (and life). I discuss issues that writers often ask me about, offer my subjective take, and tell you stories of my own experience—with hard lessons learned and maybe an entertaining story or two.

Sunday Business Sermons go live at 3 p.m. Eastern. They may end quickly or go as long as an hour.

Upcoming sessions

2021 recordings

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So these are free?


Why aren’t you charging?

These aren’t formal, structured classes. I discuss topics where mostly all I’m comfortable saying is what’s worked for me or what I’ve noticed over time. I may have a few specific pieces of advice, but I’m not looking to teach you something specific. Rather, I’ll share how I think about or approach a business area. It’s more personal and anecdotal than the online classes that I charge for.

Will you answer questions?

For those who attend the Sunday sermon via Zoom, yes. I will look at and answer questions as time allows.

Do I have to register?

Only if you want to participate live, ask questions, or interact with other attendees during the session.

You can also watch the session live at my Facebook page without registering, but I probably won’t be interacting with you there. A recording automatically posts to Facebook if you can’t watch the sermon live. You do not have to register or like my page to access the recording.

These don’t sound like sermons.

They’re not. But I think it’s a nice way to remember when these take place, plus it helps differentiate them from other things I offer online. I promise there is no call to the altar.

I’d like to recommend a topic for a future sermon.

That would be wonderful. Contact me.