Stop Being an “Aspiring” Writer

Banksy in Boston by Chris Devers
Banksy in Boston by Chris Devers

Today’s guest post is by Ollin Morales from Courage 2 Create. Find out more about Ollin at the end of this post. 

Every once in a while I’ll come across a blog post that is absolutely brilliant. It’s gold. If I was a literary agent or a publisher, I would sign you up in two seconds flat.

But here’s the problem: That excellent post is one post in a million of mediocre posts you’ve buried it under.

That amazing post is also drowning in a blog that has no direction and is lost in a sea of repetition. You have the potential to be great. But you’re not delivering on a consistent basis.

Why is that?

You keep aspiring to be great instead of allowing yourself to be great right now. Here’s how to move past that mindset.

1. Don’t Be Afraid to Put Your Best Self Out There

You’re terrified of people stealing your ideas. I get it.

But even if those people out to steal your golden eggs manage to escape copyright laws, guess what? They can never get their hands on the goose that lays them.

You’re the goose and you’ll never stop producing phenomenal work.

Those bad people who want to steal your ideas, on the other hand, are in a sad shape. Because you’ll keep moving on to bigger and better things, no matter who tries to copy you.

Stop holding yourself back. Put your best self out there so your readers and the movers and shakers can notice you.

2. Find Your Target Audience

Once there was a lonely crab who wanted to make friends. This crab saw a school of fish nearby and so he started to act like a fish in the hopes that this would make him more appealing to the fish. But when the school of fish came by the lonely crab, all they saw was a crab acting like a fish. Confused by this, the school of fish passed the lonely crab and left him alone.

Then a group of crabs came by and saw the lonely crab still acting like a fish. This confused the group of crabs, too, and so the group of crabs passed by, and left him in a lonelier position than before.

Stop aspiring and be yourself. Follow your passion. Follow your love.

When you do this, you will attract the people who are passionate about what you are passionate about. You will attract the people who love the things you love. And you won’t waste a second on people who are not interested in what you are providing.

3. Create Great Content

Take great content seriously from now on.

  • Create great content by reading others’ blogs. Often they will tell you flat-out what they are struggling with. Provide solutions to their problems; they will appreciate your thoughtfulness.
  • Create great content by being controversial not for controversy sake, but because you strongly believe in your point of view.
  • Create great content by writing posts that make you feel slightly uncomfortable. This guarantees that you are writing something fresh, because we only feel uncomfortable when something has not been tried in the mainstream before.
  • Create great content by experimenting with solutions to common problems you face. Then share your findings with your readers. Create tips and tricks that your readers will not find anywhere else.
  • Create great content by learning how to write exceptionally.

Create great content by combining all of the above techniques in every post, until it makes your content unforgettable.

4. Build Your Readership

Don’t wait for someone else to open up the floodgates to your readership and your fans.

  • Build your readership by cluster-jumping. Find 5-10 bloggers you adore, click on their blogrolls, follow the people who comment on their blogs, and follow the people who share that bloggers’ work—then follow the blogrolls of those people, follow who comments on their blogs, and follow the people who share their work, and continue doing this until you’ve reached a critical mass. Through exploring that cluster you’ll find like-minded individuals who may be interested in what you have to offer.
  • Build your readership by starting local. Stop waiting for some “big name” authority to follow you. Instead, start guest posting with people in your local network. I started growing my blog simply by guest posting. When I started doing this, I had zero followers, but slowly, I gained momentum. I gained more than 400 subscribers and was featured on big-name blogs like WriteToDone and Problogger.

Be great today by creating a solid readership all on your own.

When you take all the above actions you may find that the power to become great was in your hands all along. No one was stopping you but you.

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