Should You Self-Host Your Blog or Website?

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Update: I’ve written more advice on this topic at Self-Hosting Your Author Website: How and Why to Do It.

Recently I was asked why authors should self-host their own blog or website.

First, what does self-host mean?

It means that you don’t use a free service to run your blog or website. The most popular free services are Blogger and What confuses a lot of people is that you can run a website or blog that is based on the WordPress system, but is self-hosted. (That describes THIS site.)

So what are the big reasons NOT to use a free service?

  • Free services limit the functionality and options for your site.
  • Free services limit how much you can customize the look and feel of the site.
  • Sometimes you are working on proprietary systems that could be abandoned at any time. They might not be supported in the way you need them to be.
  • Free services might not offer the kind of metrics and analytics you need to see what’s working.
  • It’s more difficult to make money from a free service (it can be impossible to add eCommerce/shopping cart functionality or to run ads)

When you’re self-hosted, you really own your website and have full control. And for serious, professional authors, who are building a longterm online presence, that’s what I recommend. (If you are doing a very short-lived site, or if you’re just “fooling around,” then yes, do use a free service!)

You can read more of my opinion at Roz Morris’s blog.

To learn how to self-host your site in 10 minutes or less, here’s my free tutorial showing how to set up your site at Bluehost.

Disclosure: I am a Bluehost affiliate marketing partner. This means that if you end up clicking one of my links to Bluehost and sign up for a hosting package, I receive a commission. However, I recommend Bluehost because I’ve used them and think they offer good value, along with a 30-day, money-back guarantee.

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