Reading Notebook #16: Life Interferes With Work & Vice Versa

From Bill Murray interview in Entertainment Weekly (via

“I just really want to work when I want to work. Life interferes, you know. When you’re young and all you have is your career, some of your life can be in second place. And then you want your life to take first place, and other people don’t see it that way. They see it that your life has to take second place, and it’s hard. Life is really hard, and it’s the only one you have. I mean, I like doing what I do, and I know I’m supposed to do it, but I don’t have anything to bring to it if I don’t live my life.”

Starbucker comments:

“Bill Murray [says] my life is in first place. But he adds something worth paying particular attention to, which I will paraphrase here: If I can’t bring my life to my work, I’m not going to do that work. Life is hard enough.

Let’s stop there for a second. That’s an easy thing to say when you already have more money than you can possibly need, and the main tangible output of work (read, money) isn’t an issue. Mr. Murray certainly is in that category.

How does it play out for those of us who aren’t in that situation? There’s the rub, as Hamlet would say.”

Go read the full, inspiring post.

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