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Aug. 22: Write your nonfiction book proposal (90-minute webinar)

In partnership with Creative Nonfiction: If you want to traditionally publish a nonfiction book, a completed manuscript usually isn’t enough to land you a book deal. You’ll also need a book proposal. A book proposal is essentially a business plan for your book; it convincingly argues why your book is a salable product in today’s market. A book proposal requires research and thought; if properly developed, it can take weeks (or longer) to write.

This 90-minute webinar by Jane breaks down what can be an overwhelming process into clear, manageable steps. All registrants receive the webinar recording; if you can’t attend live, it’s still worth registering.

Friedman Indie Author Marketing Promotion Strategies

Sep. 19: Indie Author Marketing and Promotion Strategies (75-minute webinar)

In partnership with Inked Voices: Learn how to successfully market your own book without the support of a publisher. This session will look at case studies of authors who’ve done it well, the steps they followed, and how you can build a plan that’s customized for your work and target audience. Topics covered: the basics of leveraging your platform and driving awareness; how to best use Amazon; whether or not to enroll in KDP Select; how to use pricing/discounting as a strategic tool; how to secure early reviews; and more.

A recording will be sent out the next business day for those unable to attend live – or for those who want to watch again! The recording will be available for 30 days after the webinar.

Book Proposal 10 Step Action

How to Write a Book Proposal: 10-Step Action Plan (self-study course)

This is a comprehensive, self-study course with Jane Friedman on producing nonfiction book proposals in the digital age. The focus is not just on writing a book proposal that will sell the idea, but that will also sell the book when it finally makes its way to market.

How to Publish Your Book

The Great Courses: How to Publish Your Book

In the 24 eye-opening lectures of How to Publish Your Book, Jane Friedman provides you with sought-after secrets of the publishing process that will help you navigate this difficult progression, bypass pitfalls that many novice authors get hung up on, and improve your chances of being considered for publication. She acts as your personal guide though the entire process from finalizing your manuscript, to writing the perfect pitch, to reviewing contracts and marketing your book. She provides the candid scoop on what you need to do in order to increase your chances of being considered. The knowledge you’ll gain by having an inside expert teaching you how to position your book for publication gives you a unique advantage and drastically increases your chances of getting noticed in this increasingly competitive industry.

Self-Study: Become a Ghost-writer

Taught by author Roz Morris: It's easy to find writing advice. But it's not easy to get good guidance about how to ghost-write, what's expected of a ghost-writer and how to avoid the inevitable hazards. This course will teach you how the world of ghost-writing works, how writers get started, how to get commissions, how to pitch to a client, and how to take the project successfully to completion.