How to Be Less Scared of the Blank Page

Ella Mei Yon

Many writers struggle with finding the muse, getting in the flow, or beginning a story that’s difficult to tell in the first place.

Ella Mei Yon has some wonderful insights over at the Glimmer Train bulletin. She writes:

The way in is something I’ve always struggled with. To write, I need to enter a whole other state of mind, where time slows down and my perception is sharp on details. Where I’m focused, but open. Where creativity blends with the critical. That state is quite different from the state of mind I need to live the rest of my life—to get things done, make money, socialize.

The solution—if there is one—for Ella Mei Yon? It begins with a list. Click here to read more.

Other offerings this month at Glimmer Train:

Or visit the entire bulletin.

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