Join Me for Sunday Business Sermons (Free)

Sunday Business Sermons

Starting this Sunday (May 24), I’m offering free afternoon discussions about the business of writing, publishing, and making a living predominantly online. I’m calling them Sunday Business Sermons.

For those who’ve attended my formal online classes, you’ll find these sessions very loose, conversational, and wide ranging. I’ll share stories from my experience and how I’ve come to approach certain aspects of my business—like online teaching and events.

I’m not charging for these sessions because this is less about offering structured education and more about giving you insight into how I’ve managed and grown my online business over time. I receive many questions from writers about topics that I often find too subjective or personal to address in formal curriculum—e.g., how does one save time or increase productivity? How do you teach online courses? How and why do you choose one technology or digital tool or platform over another? How do you price and package services?

Sunday Business Sermons go live at 3 p.m. Eastern. I’m using Zoom to host these as webinars, but you don’t have to attend live or register for the webinar unless you want to interact with me in real time. These sessions will broadcast live/simultaneously on Facebook—but since I’m unable to monitor the live chat in two places at once, I’ll only be answering questions that are posed by Zoom attendees.

To see the upcoming schedule, register for any Sermon, or access the full archive of recordings, visit here.

These don’t sound like sermons.

They’re not. But I think it’s a nice way to remember when these take place, plus it helps differentiate them from other things I offer. There will be no altar call or request to donate via Venmo. I may mention upcoming (paid) classes when relevant.

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