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DBW 2017

Years ago, when I worked at F+W Media, I had the opportunity to be involved in guiding the first year of Digital Book World (DBW) programming, in 2010. To give you a sense of just how long ago that was in technology terms, Apple’s announcement of the iPad coincided with the first DBW event. Kindle Unlimited didn’t exist. Borders was still in business.

I left F+W that same year, but later returned to Digital Book World as a panel moderator, addressing the role of self-publishing and indie authorship as part of (or outside of) the larger industry.

Digital Book World is going through a top-to-bottom refresh for 2017, and—in partnership with Porter Anderson—I’m working with them on the third, new day of the conference devoted to indie authorship. You read more about the new vision for the entire event in this official announcement.

I can’t give you any specific details yet on the programming since it’s still being sorted out, but Porter and I seek to offer both an overview of trends and useful nuts and bolts information on marketing, publicity, and distribution.

Registration will open soon, and once we have an official program to share, I’ll let you know.

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