Interviews With Jane

  • I was featured on The New Disruptors podcast, along with my business partner Manjula Martin, about our digital magazine for writers that focuses on the money and business side of the publishing industry (March 2014).
  • At Publishing Trendsetter, I’m interviewed about brand & platform building as part of a publishing career (February 2014).
  • Posted at Medium & Thought Catalog, Jason Allen Ashlock interviewed me about Scratch and how the magazine publishing business has changed in the last five years (February 2014).
  • Reddit AMA, a wide-ranging Q&A on writing and publishing (November 2012)
  • Authornomics Interview, at Andrea Hurst’s agent blog (July 2012), on marketing/promotion, rejection, and indie publishing
  • Wordsmitten (BlogTalkRadio) (April 2009) — If you have trouble finding or downloading the audio file, this show is also available for download via iTunes.

My more creative, self-expressive side