Paulette Perhach

Get Your Writing Life Organized

Enjoy the peace and professionalism of setting up a structure to keep you on track for the long haul


Paulette Perhach


Live on Jan. 10 (or watch the recording)


Writers feeling overwhelm or who lack a plan for getting work done


Closed captions by Otter; transcript provided with recording

The muse does not live in a filing cabinet. That’s why the writing life can swirl in the chaos of receipt-written ideas, scattered notes, and started projects. A few years in, we might have no idea what we’ve started, where we might find it, or even who was that editor we met at that writing conference, the one that said she was open to pitches?

This leads to overwhelm. A desire to write but no idea where to start. Procrastination in the face of an unclear plan. Feeling like another year has gone by, and what have I even done?

Let’s be nicer to ourselves and get organized.

As a writer, you create value all the time, and if you let the material your career is made of—ideas, pitches, contacts—scatter, you’ll lose out on the value they might bring to you. You’ll live in a cloud of feeling like you’re not getting where you could be if you could just keep it all together.

Your brain was made for writing, not for scrambling to hold a thousand details.

One of the best ways to feel like a “real writer” is to treat yourself like one. Once you set up this structure, you’ll realize that it helps you feel like the serious artist you want to be. And, this course will cover not just the organization, but the strategies to keep you organized through time.

You will learn:

  • How to feel strategic rather than overwhelmed
  • How to clean up the mess of sticky notes and old notebooks
  • How to make sure you never lose an idea or draft

After this class, you’ll have a better picture of how to best use your time and how to manage your writing life.

Who should take this class

  • Writers of all genres, whether you want to traditionally publish or self-publish
  • New writers who want a head start on setting up a professional writing life
  • Freelance writers of any kind

This class is not recommended for

  • Writers who write for fun and don’t want to make a career or lifestyle out of it

What’s included in all of Jane’s classes

How do I attend the live class?

This class uses Zoom webinar technology (see system requirements). You will join through your Internet-connected computer or mobile device. When you register, you will receive information via email on how to join the class. If you don’t receive it within 1 hour of registering, please contact us.

  • When: Tuesday, Jan. 10
  • Time: 1:00–2:00 p.m. Eastern / 10:00 a.m. Pacific
  • Registration fee: $25

The webinar is broadcasted via the internet with live audio delivered through your computer or mobile device speakers. The visual presentation is displayed directly from the presenter’s computer to your computer screen. The Q&A is managed through a chat-style submission system with questions read and answered by the presenter for the entire class to hear.

Closed captions are provided during the live class. We use Zoom’s automated closed caption service (powered by Otter), which is about 80%+ accurate. We also use Otter AI to generate an unedited transcript, provided with the recording.

About the instructor

Paulette Perhach’s writing has been published in the New York TimesVox, Elle, Slate, CosmopolitanGlamour, Marie ClaireYoga Journal, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, Hobart, and Vice.

Her book, Welcome to the Writer’s Life, was published in 2018 by Sasquatch Books, part of the Penguin Random House publishing family, and was selected as one of Poets & WritersBest Books for Writers

She blogs about a writer’s craft, business, personal finance, and joy at and leads meditation and writing sessions through A Very Important Meeting.

She serves writers as a coach, helping them figure out how to make a life and career out of being a writer while making the money work (as she figures it all out herself.) She’s also a speaker on the topics of creativity, writing, and business. 

All students receive the following

  • Access to the live class. After roughly 45 minutes, the instructor will take questions during class using in-class chat/text. The class will end after roughly 1 hour.
  • A recording of the class—audio and video. This is especially helpful if you have a conflict with the class time or something comes up and you can’t make the session. Each registration comes with access to the archived version of the program and the materials for 30 days. You do not have to attend the live event to access the recordings.
  • Presentation slides. All participants receive the slide presentations in PDF form.
  • Rough transcript. We use Otter to create an automated transcript of the entire webinar, which we’ll share with you in addition to the audio and video recording.

Event Attendance & Anti-Harassment Policy

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  • That attendees will refrain from harassment of any sort including (but not limited to) comments or questions of a racist, homophobic, sexist/sexual, or threatening nature. This includes actions that disrupt or interfere with anyone’s ability to participate. Offenders will be disconnected from the live event.