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My most well-known (and free) newsletter is Electric Speed, which focuses on digital tools and resources for creative people, primarily writers and freelancers. It gets sent every other Saturday morning to more than 36,000 subscribers.

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You can also subscribe to my blog. It mainly offers how-to information for writers and published authors.

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For those interested in online learning, you can subscribe to periodic updates about my online classes. These alerts are sent about twice a month.

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I just want you to know that I'm ALWAYS happy to see you in my inbox. I'm swamped with emails and projects, yet it never fails that I'm happy to see your face (yes it makes a big difference to see your face) and dig into the excellent goodies you offer. Sometimes I barely get to peek into your treasure chest of links, apps, etc, but I make sure to file your emails so I can return on a rainy day. Want you to know how appreciated you are.

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