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Rosie Smith-Nazilli

This is a totally awesome concept and I would like to know more…

Would you have any interest in featuring on my blog at all…?

Adriana Ryan

That’s amazing! I’m off to check out shortshortshort.com now…I’m a huuuuge fan of flash fiction.

Emily Wenstrom

That’s very interesting … thanks for sharing!

Christina Katz

I’m glad that you featured Bruce. I too was impressed by his proactive approach when I met him at Whidbey several years back. So much so that I featured him in The Writer’s Workout as an example of how to produce yourself as a fiction writer. I get so many “yeah, buts” from fiction writers and writers of other genres who want to say that platform and producing your own career make perfect sense for nonfiction, but they don’t get it for fiction. To which your blog post answers, “Well, do you get it now?”


Fabulous as usual! What a grand idea! I am rather inspired to write short stories now.


[…] Bruce Holland Rogers guest posts on Jane Friedman’s (@JaneFriedman) blog about Selling Flash Fiction Via E-Mail–Successfully. This is doubly interesting. First, it’s a sales model I hadn’t seen before: readers […]


[…] I'm not sure if this would work for everyone, but it's an inventive way of making flashfic pay.  […]

Darrelyn Saloom


Tom Bentley
Tom Bentley

And if anyone needs a recommendation on the quality of Bruce’s work, I’ve been a happy reader for a couple of years now, and am continually impressed by his inventive story concepts, quirky characters and ripe turns of phrase. He’s got the goods.

Turndog Millionaire

wow, love this

Such a simple model, but oh so effective. Congrats on this, I love it 🙂

It goes to show what having a small community can do.

Matthew (Turndog Millionaire)

Friday Features #18 | Yesenia VargasYesenia Vargas

[…] Selling Flash Fiction via E-Mail – Successfully by Bruce Holland Rogers at Jane Friedman […]

Jennifer Jensen
Jennifer Jensen

Thanks for hosting this, Jane. I don’t know if Bruce will get these comments, but I wish him all the best. Being from Oregon long ago (although I’m a Beaver, not a Duck!), I think his slogan “Locally Sourced, Organically Grown Short Fiction” is perfect for Eugene! Kudos to him!


[…] Bruce Holland Rogers introduced me to an interesting concept this week. He talks about how people subscribe to his short stories. How he emails them regularly, how he has created a community, and how it is a viable little venture […]

Christina Katz

Like Jane, I met Bruce at the Whidbey MFA Residence many moons ago. I wrote about him in my latest book, The Writer’s Workout, and I am about to write about him again in my micro-publishing column for Willamette Writers. 🙂 I not only love his idea. I love his staying power. 🙂

James McNulty
James McNulty

Great Article! I had to share it…Good work!