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[…] Learn about the various types of email newsletter that are sent by authors—with pros and cons of each—plus how to choose which type YOU should send.  […]

Chris Syme

Thanks Kirsten–authors need to know there is more than one way to do a “newsletter.” Excellent tips here.

Michael LaRocca

I’ve read for years that the email newsletter is dead, but I know it’s not true. (It is true that MY email newsletter is dead, but never mind.) What’s dead is the newsletter that is devoid of content, that doesn’t add value, that keeps to a schedule but never says anything new. As this article clearly demonstrates, the useful newsletter is alive and well. Including, fortunately, one that I’ve been editing for ten years and counting.


[…] sure if the book is for you? I have a guest post up on Jane Friedman’s blog where I share a whole chapter from the book! Go read and you can see for […]

Marcy McKay

Fantastic, Kirsten! I just bought your eBook and have already started reading it.Thank you!


[…] What Should You Put in Your Email Newsletter? (Jane Friedman) If you struggle with what to write in an email, you’re not alone. You may be publishing two to three books a year, or writing blog posts three to five times a week, but email seems to build a crazy mental roadblock to creativity. The self-doubt and negativity shifts into overdrive. […]

Roxie Munro

Helpful piece. I’d add that it is important to make your newsletter visually interesting, user-friendly, and easily approachable, regardless of your content. Make it accessible and personal, as has been mentioned. Use images. Break up dense blocks of text. Most people now read on small mobile devices – fancy or complicated fonts do not reduce well, so use a clean clear easy-to-read font.

Alice Orr

Thanks Kirsten and Jane. This came at the absolutely perfect time for me. I’ve skipped around the edge of the email newsletter pool, uncertain whether or not to jump all the way in and risk a downer drowner. I needed clarification of how I should be thinking re: this project. e.g. The frequency question. I’d been emailing at launch only. One of your companion posts, Kirsten, told me what’s so very wrong with that approach. Many other crucial up-front queries are answered here also. I’ve already sent Email Lists Made Easy for Writers to my Kindle. I think that’s the… Read more »


[…] What Should You Put in Your Email Newsletter? by @kikimojo via @janefriedman […]

Cat Michaels

Thanks Kristen. I am always looking for ways to expand content for my newsletter to Kid Lit readers that includes kid-friendly recipes, free printables, photos I snap, polls for selecing book titles and covers, first-to-know updates on my writing, etc. It takes a lot of time but it’s worthwhile.


[…] What Should You Put in Your Email Newsletter? […]

Scarlett West

Thank you for this simple and insightful article. As an aspiring author, I’ve collected a few emails on my list but have waffled about when to send an email out. This helps my confidence and gives me ideas about how to approach it.


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[…] This guest post is from Kirsten Oliphant (@kikimojo). This is the fourth post in a series about email. You can also read about why you should start an email list, how to customize your forms, and what you should put in your email newsletter. […]


[…] What Should You Put in Your Email Newsletter? […]

Lee Gabel

I write my newsletters as I would talk to a friend. One on one.


[…] What Should You Put in Your Email Newsletter?, June, 2016 […]

Vickie Mc Donald
Vickie Mc Donald

Hi Kirsten
I’d like to purchase a copy of your book Email Lists Made Easy, however I don’t have a Kindle. Am I able to purchase it as a PDF?


[…] of the email did not contain the answer to the title.  After reading Jane Friedman’s article, “What Should You Put in Your Email Newsletter,” I understand now that Kirsten was distributing a kind of email newsletter that Jane describes […]