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What subscribers say

Thank you for continuing to send out such useful and informative newsletters. Yours is one of the few I actually read! —Shala

I receive emails from many writing sources and seldom read any of them. I do open your newsletter, read it, and have engaged one of your advertisers, who respectfully recommended another editor more suited to my needs. In my mind you are doing it right. —Rick

I love your newsletter and all things in it. —Joan

I love your newsletter. I always read it because it is so honest and  always has things I need to know about. And it’s not self-serving as so  many are.  —Jean

Many other newsletters I dropped because I was overloaded—but not yours. There is usually some tip or website you highlight that’s useful or interesting. In fact, I and others have mentioned your newsletter a few times at our local writers group as one of the best to subscribe to. —Rich

Thanks for these amazing newsletters. —Catherine

Jane, your emails are SO wonderful to receive. Thanks for sharing and thanks for all the hard work that goes into all of this!! —Victoria

I would like to thank you for all the advice that you share freely online. I run into you everywhere. Thank you some much for your time, what you do and I am totally grateful to have stumbled upon your path. —Brian

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