Advertising Opportunities

I accept issue sponsors for my free email newsletter, Electric Speed, as well as my paid newsletter, The Hot Sheet. I also run a column at this site, Ask the Editor, that accepts sponsorships.

Electric Speed sponsorships

Established in 2009, Electric Speed is an every-other-week email that focuses on digital media tools for creative people. It is delivered primarily to an audience of writers, editors, freelancers, professors, and others connected to the publishing and media industry.

  • Opted-in subscribers: More than 25,000
  • Open rate: 55% to 60%
  • Click rate: 10% to 15%
  • Reader location: 72% United States, 5% Canada, 5% United Kingdom
  • Occupation: people in the writing and publishing community
  • Newsletter frequency: every other week on Saturday morning (5 a.m. Eastern)

The Hot Sheet sponsorships

Established in 2015, The Hot Sheet is a paid newsletter sent every other Wednesday to authors and publishing professionals.

  • Paid subscribers: More than 2,200
  • Open rate: 55% to 60%
  • Click rate: 15% to 20%
  • Reader location: primarily the United States, Canada, and the UK
  • Occupation: people in the writing and publishing community
  • Newsletter frequency: every other week on Wednesday at noon Eastern

Ask the Editor sponsorships

Ask the Editor is a column appearing at this site, which is emailed to more than 5,000 subscribers of my blog. The sponsor will remain listed indefinitely on published columns (for the month/year of the paid sponsorship).

Sponsors may not be approved if they aren’t a good fit for our newsletters’ audience or appear to conflict with Jane’s mission of serving writers.

Refund and cancellation policy: After the sponsorship has been paid for, approved, and confirmed for placement, it will not be refunded. However, sponsorships can be rescheduled for a later date or transferred to someone else.

Making the most of your sponsorship

To learn more about the audience, placement, and suggested best practices, click here.

Measuring effectiveness

We do not provide any data about the performance of your sponsorship (e.g., how many readers clicked). We suggest using your own tracking links or a link shortener, such as Bitly, to determine engagement.

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