Digital Publishing and Authorship in 2016: A Discussion with Joanna Penn

Friedman Penn podcast

I’m delighted to again be a guest on Joanna Penn’s podcast, where this time we discuss digital publishing trends and what authors need to know as they head into 2016. The discussion was partly guided by my earlier post on 2016 trends.

Here’s what we cover. You can listen to the podcast, watch the YouTube video, or read the transcript.

  • The rise of mobile reading: How authors can get their books for sale on mobile devices, and also discoverability possibilities on mobile devices. We also discuss Google’s role in the market.
  • Why traditional media and publishers are ignoring the shadow industry of self-published books—and continuing to report dipping ebook sales and rise in print.
  • Whether authors more empowered than before, and if the power dynamic has shifted along with the indie movement.
  • Audiobooks and growth of in-car streaming internet through Apple Carplay and Google Auto.
  • How big data and AI + natural language processing and more will help discoverability as more and more books and content continue to be produced.
  • Changes in social media usage, pay to play and whether Facebook will get into publishing

To see my earlier discussions with Joanna Penn:

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