speaking in San Miguel de Allende (2018), photo by J. Alistair Palmer

Before you contact me, I must emphasize: I am not a literary agent and I am not a publisher. However, here’s how to find an agent, and here’s how to find a publisher.

At one point in my career, I was able to personally respond to every message I received. That has become much harder over time. The volume of people reaching out has surpassed my ability to keep up. If you use this contact form to make a general request, like “Tell me how to get my book published” or “How can I sell my book?” you may not receive a response. However, if your question is specific and I think I can offer meaningful or concrete guidance, I enjoy helping.

Learn how to ask better questions so that I can provide better answers.

I can’t help with the following:

  • I do not read and provide editorial feedback on manuscripts outside of nonfiction book proposal consulting. But do check out my resource list of editors who might help.
  • I am not a book reviewer and do not review books of any kind.
  • I do not provide referrals to agents/publishers or help with agent/publisher research. (Try Copy Write Consultants.)
  • I do not provide hands-on marketing and publicity services. (I’m not a marketer.)

However, here’s what I can do:

  • I can help with nonfiction book proposals and related consulting. See here.
  • I can advise you on whatever publishing challenge you face during a consultation.

If you’d like to work with me or hire me, do make that clear in your message. Even if I can’t help you, I may be able to recommend trusted services and consultants in the community.

Before pitching a guest post

Check the guest post archives to get an idea of what type of guests and guest posts I typically accept. I rarely accept guest posts from people or businesses outside of the writing and publishing community. My standards are high, and I sometimes ask for revisions. If you want help on pitching a guest post, try this advice from Copyblogger, or this advice from Problogger. Both methods are acceptable.

Contact form

For the best and most personalized results, be specific with your question or request.