speaking in San Miguel de Allende (2018), photo by J. Alistair Palmer

I try to respond to all of the messages I receive, especially well-crafted emails that get to the point quickly. If it takes me a few minutes to respond, I will. If your message requires a complex or multi-faceted response, you probably won't hear back from me. (Looking for my paid services?)

Before pitching a guest post

Check the guest post archives to get an idea of what type of guests and guest posts I typically accept. I rarely accept guest posts from people or businesses outside of the writing and publishing community. My standards are high, and I sometimes ask for revisions. If you want help on pitching a guest post, try this advice from Copyblogger, or this advice from Problogger. Both methods are acceptable.

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Many people mistakenly think I'm a literary agent or publisher, but I'm not. I cannot publish your work or sell your work. Nor can I recommend specific agents or publishers; doing so would require hours of research. However, here's how to find an agent, and here's how to find a publisher.