One-on-One Consulting

I consult one-on-one with authors, small businesses, and publishers. If you have questions about traditional publishing, literary agents, the self-publishing landscape, book marketing, author platform, or other publishing industry issues, I can cut through the confusion, provide concrete next steps, and offer trusted resources.

I conduct consultations primarily using Zoom, which allows you to join my online meeting room from any device or by phone. I record all meetings unless you request otherwise.

My one-time consulting fee is 1 hour for $300. This fee covers:

  • One appointment time of up to 60 minutes
  • Advance review of manuscript samples, websites, blogs, social media sites, and marketing materials you believe are important to me understanding your situation; however, I cannot read your entire book in advance, provide a critique or edit of manuscript materials, or offer an editorial review
  • A video and audio recording of our meeting
  • A digital edition of Publishing 101 if you don't already have it
  • Follow-ups via email for one month after our meeting

The consulting package price remains the same no matter how much time you use. If you think you may need more than an hour of my time, then I recommend you start with the initial $300 booking; my hourly rate drops significantly once we have an established relationship.

I greatly respect the investment you're making when you book a consultation with me. Part of what you're paying for is my long history in the industry, my in-depth knowledge of the service landscape, and my ability to cut through the noise and help you make the right decisions for your career. Many of my clients are still in touch years after our first meeting, with updates, follow ups, and questions because they've come to trust my guidance. Your appointment is not something I see as a one-time transaction, but as an ongoing relationship. I'm here to help.

Here are the areas I most frequently consult on.

The Right Publishing Path for You

If you have questions about whether traditional publishing or self-publishing is right for you, I'll help you understand the pros and cons of each path. We'll discuss the commercial potential of your work and if it might interest publishers. I'll also help you identify and evaluate your goals and strengths as a writer, and if you're well-suited to a particular publishing path. By the end of the consultation, you'll be left with specific next steps and the right expectations for your project's future.


  • While you're welcome to send me things like queries, synopses, or other materials—so that I can understand your project—I do not offer hands-on edits of these materials. If you want a query edit or synopsis edit, I can refer you to others. (Contact me.)
  • If desired, I can offer hands-on help with nonfiction book proposals, but this is a separate and more expensive consulting service.
  • I do not provide referrals to specific agents or publishers, but I can advise you on the research process. If you'd like to hire someone to help you conduct agent or publisher research, here's a service I trust.

Self-Publishing Services and the Publishing Process

If you're thinking about self-publishing, but have never done it before, I'll help you understand the service landscape and which services are best for you to use. We'll outline the steps you'll need to take to produce professional-looking books, and I'll share resources of trusted freelancers to help you edit, design, and format your work. We can also cover marketing and promotion strategies that self-published authors use, and whether you're well-positioned to successfully sell your work.

Digital Media and Publishing Strategy

If you're a literary journal, small business, or small publisher trying to make sense of the digital publishing landscape, I can advise you on short-term and long-term content strategies to help you meet your goals. I've assisted publications such as the Virginia Quarterly Review, Tahoma Literary Review and Alaska Quarterly Review on building their readership and revenue based on digital initiatives. I also helped launch a digital-only magazine, Scratch, which made a 5-figure profit in its first year of operation.

Your Platform and Online Presence

Your author website is one of the most important marketing tools you own and control. Is yours meeting best practices of the industry? We can discuss how to improve your website and how to build the best possible platform for long-term audience growth and book sales.

I can also offer an analysis of your blogging strategy, a critique of your social media accounts, how to improve the effectiveness of your online writing, and what it will take to generate more traffic.

Other Areas of Expertise

I have in-depth experience with:

  • publishing contracts and agreements
  • content marketing strategy for authors, publishers, and businesses
  • online education

What I can't help with:

  • Reading, reviewing or editing your book
  • Offering hands-on edits of your novel query or novel synopsis
  • Finding you an agent or publisher
  • Submitting your work to agents/publishers or managing that process
  • Hands-on execution of a book launch—but we can discuss your strategy for one
  • In the trenches marketing and publicity work
  • Writing or ghostwriting any of your materials
  • Copyediting or proofreading manuscripts
  • Editing any type of fiction or poetry

However, even if I can't help you personally, check my resources page for people who can.

If you experience trouble using the booking form below, click here.

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Not only did you understand all my specific issues, but you were so clear on your recommendations and follow-up and gave me all the information I was looking for in knowing which direction I should take. You are organized, very articulate, possess a wealth of important information, understand exactly the situations I described, and followed up with all the sources you discussed with me on the call. You are a gem in what you know and your ability to share your knowledge with others.

Elliot G. Levy, MD

Our conversation was the best thing that happened ever since I embarked on this whole self-publishing ordeal, which is completely unknown and scary (but not as much now, thanks to you). Extremely grateful of your insights and great energy. Real pleasure, how much clarity and peace of mind you've given me.

Ana Martin

Hiring Jane Friedman for a two-hour consult via Skype was one of the most empowering things I’ve ever done for myself as a writer. I’ve been managing my own author website for (yikes) 15 years, and since I update or add something to it almost everyday, it had become difficult for me to see it with fresh eyes. Jane’s evaluation and advice on some of technical aspects of my (yea, verily) ancient software and several specific, concrete suggestions for improving the design and better utilizing the content were invaluable.

We feel like we've been stumbling around in the dark for too long and your advice feels like someone turned on a light in the distance to give us a direction to walk. The feeling is one of liberation to have fresh ideas to explore and we're relishing the opportunity. Thank you for all you've done to free up a block that has been existing in our author business for too long. We have a direction and are charging forward with pens and megaphones in hand.