The Status of the Children’s Book Market: Digital Book World, Day 1

Digital Book World 2015

I’m speaking at Digital Book World (DBW) this year, and even though I missed the first day events, I followed closely on Twitter. One of the big themes on Tuesday was the children’s market, with a full day of sessions presented by Publishers Launch in partnership with DBW.

Jonathan Nowell from Nielsen presented some fascinating charts and trends in a morning session. This one was my favorite.

US Children's Book Market - Nielsen

Other takeaways from Nowell’s presentation:

  • Print juvenile books experienced 12.8% unit sales growth from 2013 to 2014.
  • Juvenile bestsellers are taking up a bigger percentage of the overall bestseller list—its growth is driving the industry.
  • Children are starting to read e-books at a younger age, and the e-book format is growing as a percentage share of all books purchased. (It increased to 21% in 2014, up from 14% in 2013.)
  • 80% of YA books are bought by adults for themselves.
  • Nowell concluded by saying the greatest challenge is expressed by the chart above.

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