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If You’re Successful, Lots of People Ask for Your Help. Who Deserves It?

A "clueless ask" is when a well-meaning stranger asks for an investment of a successful person's time and energy. What are such people owed, if anything?
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How I Recovered From 3 Years of Chronic Back Pain

As some of you may recall, I’ve been seeking solutions to my chronic back pain, which I assume is partly
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Chronic Back Pain and The Writing Life: A Few Remedies

Update (9/15/14): I've written a new post explaining what eventually resolved all of my back pain problems. Like most writers,
Audience Development for Writers: Your Life-Long Career Investment

Audience Development for Writers: Your Life-Long Career Investment

In this talk from the 2013 Midwest Writers Workshop, I explain the process of growing my readership since 2008, then share a few key principles I follow to make it an enjoyable and sustainable process.
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The State of Online Journalism Today: Controversial

On Tuesday, March 5, I found (via Twitter) the following piece by freelance journalist Nate Thayer: A Day in the
Virginia Quarterly Review

A Little Bit About My Work at VQR

Yesterday, over at Neal Abbott's blog, I answered a few questions about my new job at the Virginia Quarterly Review,
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My New Job at the Virginia Quarterly Review

It's hard to a remember a happier day than when I was offered a position at the University of Cincinnati
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Placing Too Much Importance on Passion

Passion has become a cheap word. I'm starting to roll my eyes when I hear it. But it hasn't always
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My Secret for Battling Procrastination

To some, I may appear productive. But like many, I'm a horrible procrastinator. I try to think about my weakness
Simon Sinek: If You Don't Understand People, You Don't Understand Business

Look for People Who Believe What You Believe

[Update: The discussion in the comments—on this site and on some of my other profiles—has made me realize that my
There Are No Rules

The End of an Era: Goodbye to There Are No Rules

On the last day of April 2008, I launched my first professional blog, There Are No Rules. Every day since
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3 Boring Elements of Success

I don't think my age is a secret, but just to be clear: I'm 34. Sometimes when I speak at
Chief Culture Officer

Study Slow Culture, Not Just Fast

When I attended TEDxCincy in October 2010, there was one session where I was furiously taking notes: the session by
Solitude by Anthony Storr

Reading Notebook #24: Our Life at the Office Is (In Fact) Important

From Solitude by Anthony Storr: Human beings need a sense of being part of a larger community than that constituted
I Heart Social Media

The Pure Heart and Pure Superficiality of Social Media

One of the classes I'm teaching at CCM requires me to study up on the history and practice of public
Reading Notebook #16: Life Interferes With Work & Vice Versa

Reading Notebook #16: Life Interferes With Work & Vice Versa

From Bill Murray interview in Entertainment Weekly (via “I just really want to work when I want to work.
Steve Jobs' 2005 Stanford Commencement Address

Have the Courage to Follow Your Heart & Intuition

A wonderful commencement address from Steve Jobs. I love that he mentions life can only be lived forward, and understood
Wonder Woman at Work

Can Excellent Advice Make You Unhappy?

There are a few people I read religiously for insight and perspective on work/business life. Probably on the top of
Reading Notebook #12: Existential Angst at Work

Reading Notebook #12: Existential Angst at Work

From Kenny Moore's blog post, "Losing Your Job? Psychological, Spiritual & Practical Advice." This is the most meaningful discussion I
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You Are Bad at Making Yourself Happy

My job as Writer's Digest publisher often leads people to remark what a great life I have. So young, so
Reading Notebook #8: Another Secret to Success Is Confidence

Reading Notebook #8: Another Secret to Success Is Confidence

From "Beyond the Elevator Speech" by Michael Carroll, Shambhala Sun (March 2010) My survey indicates that most of us think we want
Reading Notebook #7: The Secret of Successful People (at Work)

Reading Notebook #7: The Secret of Successful People (at Work)

From "We Can Measure the Power of Charisma", Q&A with Alex Pentland, Harvard Business Review (Jan-Feb 2010); read full article at
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Why People Stay at (or Leave) Their Jobs

No talented person stays at a company for a paycheck or a sense of security. Talented people stay because they
Jane at AWP 2009

What Does a Brand Manager (or Community Leader) Do?

I'm often asked what my job at Writer's Digest encompasses, or what my typical day is like. My official title