Solitude by Anthony Storr

Reading Notebook #27: What to Do When Your Existence May Need to Be Reappraised

From Solitude by Anthony Storr: The capacity to be alone is a valuable resource when changes of mental attitude are
Jane Friedman (1994)

The Art of Losing Things Isn’t Hard to Master

I am very careless with my belongings. This past week, when I flew to NYC for Digital Book World, I
Bog Myrtle Leaves

Bog Myrtle Beer & Irish Coffee Recipes

Upon arrival at the Irish farm in Kilgarvan, a bottle of homemade bog myrtle beer was waiting in the kitchen,
Inis Meain

Ireland 2009: All Experience Is an Arch

I returned home Monday night from a 3-week holiday in Ireland. (Read previous entries on this trip here and here.)
Top 10 Moments on Inis Meain

Top 10 Moments on Inis Meain

1. Arrive at cottage late at night. The only heat source is the small stove in the living room. Unable
Immigration Officers and the Meaning of Existence

Immigration Officers and the Meaning of Existence

I wasn't expecting trouble when I passed through immigration at the Dublin airport. I'm American, I'm privileged, and I look
Stone Shed in Ireland

My First Post (From Ireland)

On December 16, I left the United States for a 2-week vacation in Ireland. A key objective while I'm here