Image: Holocaust survivor Gidon Lev stands at the gate of the former Terezin concentration camp in the Czech Republic, holding a yellow fabric Magen David with the word "Jude" stitched on it.

Harnessing the Power of TikTok: From Self-Published to Traditionally Published Author

How one author leveraged a sizable social media platform to breathe new life into a self-published book.
Image: a young woman peers at the viewer over the edge of an open book with no cover design.

The Key Elements of Eye-Catching Book Cover Design

In an excerpt from her new book on cover design, Jessica Bell offers tips regarding how to utilize space and color for maximum effect.
Image: three hardcover books stacked atop one another on a wooden table.

The Short-Run Printing Option: Pros and Cons

There are three main ways to create printed copies of your book. Which one you choose depends on your budget and goals.
Image: close-up photo of a bound book's interior pages and headband.

Book Printing 101: What You Need to Know Before Approaching a Printer

Choosing the right materials for your printed book affects not just its appearance but how a potential customer perceives its value.
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How to Format Your Manuscript for a Designer or Publisher

When your ms is complete, it's time to think about semantic structure—a digital map that allows computers to identify the parts of your book.
Image: a pile of cash atop a stack of books

How to Make Six Figures Self-Publishing Children’s Books

One successful self-publishing author discusses the importance of multiple formats, licensing, thinking like a publisher, and much more.
Start Here: How to Self-Publish Your Book

Start Here: How to Self-Publish Your Book

This is an introductory guide to the major self-publishing options available to authors today, and how to choose the right service for you.
The Value of Book Distribution Is Often Misunderstood by Authors

The Value of Book Distribution Is Often Misunderstood by Authors

Any self-publishing author can easily make a book available to Amazon, bookstores, libraries, etc. But availability doesn't mean visibility.
11 Signs You’re Ready to Self-Publish

11 Signs You’re Ready to Self-Publish

When do you decide that it’s time to pursue Plan B? Taking stock of these considerations will bring you that much closer to knowing.
Image: people waiting in line

A Beginner’s Guide to Amazon Pre-Orders

Ebook pre-orders can be a great tool for KDP authors, but it might not be right for everyone—especially those without an established audience.
How to Put Together an Indie Author Anthology

How to Put Together an Indie Author Anthology

Because an anthology includes many authors, it can connect to the fan bases of all those authors and ultimately be greater than the sum of its parts.
cupped hands holding small icon of a house

Why Self-Publishing Authors Should Consider Establishing Their Own Imprint

Imprints aren't just for big publishers; any self-publishing author can invent an imprint under which to operate. In this guest post, consultant and author David Wogahn explains the many ways that an imprint can help your branding and marketing.
self publish backlist

How Traditionally Published Authors Can Repackage and Self-Publish Their Backlist

A checklist for repackaging and republishing your own backlist after you get rights reverted from your traditional publisher.
Elliott Hartinger Klein Mooser authors

The Rewards and Challenges of Self-Publishing Children’s Books: Q&A with Four Authors

A Q&A on children's self-publishing with authors Zetta Elliott, who has released several books under her own imprint, including picture books; Brent Hartinger, who self-published a young adult series and a new adult series; Cheryl Klein, the author of a self-published a work of nonfiction; and Stephen Mooser, who released a middle grade book on his own.

The 13 Most Common Self-Publishing Mistakes to Avoid

For every new venture, there is a learning curve. When it comes to self-publishing your book, however, that curve can be steep.
how to self publish in france

How to Self-Publish in France

More books are translated in France than in any other country: 1 out of every 6 books has been translated from a foreign language, many from English.
why not to use a hybrid publisher

3 Reasons Why You Might Not Want a Hybrid Publisher

I would never tell someone to publish with a hybrid publisher—every writer's goals are unique, plus hybrid publishing puts the financial risk on the author.
biographies of ordinary people by nicole dieker

Self-Publishing a Debut Literary Novel: The Actions, The Costs, The Results

A self-published author breaks down her expenses and resulting sales after promoting on social media and email, paying for reviews, advertising, and more.
land an agent for self-published book

How to Land an Agent for a Self-Published Book

If you've given up on the self-publishing route and want to try traditional publishing, then there are several approaches you can take to interest agents.
ebook publishing resources

How to Publish an Ebook: Resources for Authors

In this post I regularly update the best resources I know of related to learning to publish an ebook, finding the right distributors and services, and staying on top of changes in the industry.
book distribution

How to Get Your Book Distributed: What Self-Published Authors Need to Know

The most important thing any author needs to know about book distribution is that more than half of all book sales (regardless of format) take place online.
amazon kdp select

Is Amazon Exclusivity Right for You?

There are advantages to selling ebooks only through Amazon, and makes most sense for authors who are just starting out or who are relatively unknown.
choose type campaign

Using Amazon KDP Ads to Sell Your Ebook on Amazon

Amazon offers two ways for authors to advertise ebooks at their site. Learn how to smartly set up and manage product display and sponsored product ads.
princess saves herself

A Self-Published Poet’s Path to Her First Book Deal

How a self-publishing poet achieved visibility for her book—and landed a book deal with traditional publisher Andrews McMeel.
Create If Writing interviews Jane Friedman

Choosing Between Traditional and Indie Publishing

This week, I was a guest on the Create If Writing podcast, discussing traditional and independent publishing.
literary publishing

My New Series of Columns on Self-Publishing

I'm writing monthly for the IngramSpark blog, which is focused on the concerns of self-publishing authors and small presses.
should you self-publish

Should You Self-Publish or Traditionally Publish?

Should you self-publish? There is no single right answer to this question—it's always situational. It depends on you, your book, and your career goals. This post outlines the key questions you should ask.
Self Publishing Checklist

The Self-Publishing Checklist: Editorial, Production, and Distribution

This printable and interactive checklist guides your self-publishing project to completion, to ensure you don't miss any important steps and to help you hit your target pub date.
Writer's Digest October 2014

The Value of Agent-Assisted Self-Publishing

Read my feature article for Writer's Digest magazine that explores the intersection of literary agents and self-publishing
Into the Nanten

Self-Publishing Beyond the Book: Serializing, Podcasting, and Merchandising

How an indie author turned a story concept into a full-fledged multimedia universe, including a live blog, illustrated journal, merchandise, and podcast.
literary fiction

Is Self-Publishing a Viable Option for Literary Fiction Writers?

Should literary writers consider self-publishing? How it might affect their long-term careers? Two agents weigh in.
Writer Unboxed

Is Self-Publishing a Good Springboard to Traditional Pub?

Learn about the likelihood of securing a traditional book deal after self-publishing.
Children's books

The Business of Self-Publishing Children’s Picture Books: Two Literary Agents Weigh In

Two literary agents offer their thoughts on the self-publishing of children's books and what the future of the picture book might look like.
Frankfurt CONTEC

Self-Publishing: Is It the Most Important Conversation for Traditional Publishers?

Is it possible that all the changes happening in publishing can be encapsulated by a conversation about self-publishing?
Amazon White Glove program

Agent-Assisted Self-Publishing and the Amazon White Glove Program

There are no “rules” for agent-assisted self-publishing, but the biggest drawbacks are usually loss of control and loss of royalties. All authors should negotiate a contract beforehand that protects their rights and lifetime earnings.
CJ Lyons

Self-Publishing and Traditional Publishing: Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds

CJ Lyons (@cjlyonswriter) is an award-winning, critically acclaimed New York Times and USA Today bestselling author. She practiced pediatrics and pediatric emergency medicine for 17 years before
Commodity Publishing and The Future of Fiction

Commodity Publishing, Self-Publishing, and The Future of Fiction

Many years ago, when I started working for Writer’s Digest, I was put on the self-publishing beat. I started by
Replacement Child by Judy Mandel

Getting a Traditional Book Deal After Self-Publishing

Today's guest post is by Judy L. Mandel, author of the Replacement Child, forthcoming from Seal Press in March 2013.
The Birds Tree by ploop26 / DeviantArt

Why Self-Publishing Is a Tragic Term

Today's guest post is by Ed Cyzewski. You may recall him from his previous post here, When Self-Publishing Is More
Video: Changes in Publishing & Self-Publishing

Video: Changes in Publishing & Self-Publishing

Some of you may have heard about the Alliance of Independent Authors (ALLi), a new organization supporting self-published authors. I'm
Broken pencil

When Self-Publishing Is More Useful As a Marketing Tool

The turning point of my long-term publishing plans came when I realized I have very little in common with author