Cocktail Recipe: The Maestro Bellini

1 oz vodka 1 oz Cointreau 2 oz peach puree 6 oz Champagne 1 cherry Shake together first three ingredients and strain into a long, tall glass (with a cherry in the bottom). Add Champagne. Enjoy immensely. Recipe courtesy of  The Conductor

Brussels Sprouts

How to Fall in Love With Brussels Sprouts (Prepare Them Correctly!)

Over Easter, The Conductor and I visited a high-end restaurant to treat ourselves to an extravagant Easter brunch buffet. Now, you might say our first mistake was going to a buffet. And that our second mistake was going to an Easter buffet. But it was a high-end restaurant—and a newly opened one at that. Wouldn’t […]

Bog Myrtle Beer & Irish Coffee Recipes

Upon arrival at the Irish farm in Kilgarvan, a bottle of homemade bog myrtle beer was waiting in the kitchen, as a welcoming gift. Apparently, bog myrtle leaves were used to flavor beer before hops became popular in Britain, and they are still used as a flavoring agent in Swedish spirits. (Bog myrtle leaves pictured […]